No. 46 - Travis Dickson

All summer long TSD will unveil our Top 50 LSU players for 2013. The list was compiled by TSD's Austin Cooper, Ben Love and Hunter Paniagua. Coming in at No. 46 is junior Travis Dickson, the first of three tight ends on our list.

Publisher's Notes: Every weekday until the LSU football team reports for Fall Camp on Sunday, Aug. 4, TSD will unveil another player in our top 50 Tigers for the 2013 season. We arrived at this list by combining individual rankings from TSD's Austin Cooper, Ben Love and Hunter Paniagua. For example, a player who received a No. 1 vote got 50 points, a No. 2 vote got 49 points, and so on. Every player who received votes had his points totaled across all three individual lists, and the result was our final TSD ranking. All players, including incoming signees, were eligible for selection.

No. 46 – TE Travis Dickson

The first of three tight ends who will come off the board in our top 50, Dickson enters his redshirt junior campaign in 2013 as the team's best returning pass-catching option at the position. A season ago Dickson totaled six catches for 73 yards, with all but one grab and four yards coming in the Ole Miss game. So Dickson's shown he can be effective when targeted in spurts.

However, at 6-3 and 230 pounds, he doesn't really bring dual-threat ability – both run blocking and pass catching – to the tight end position. There's also more competition entering the fold this fall with JuCo transfer Logan Stokes and athletic freshman Desean Smith in the mix. Dickson, the younger brother of former Tiger tight end Richard, may ultimately thrive in Cam Cameron's offense, but he'll have to earn his stripes.

By The Numbers

Dickson's highest ranking: 41st
Dickson's lowest ranking: Not Ranked

Why this ranking is too high

He may be the best returning pass catcher LSU has at tight end, but, with only seven career grabs, there aren't exactly a lot of skins on the wall. Dickson emerged as an option for the Tigers in the second half of 2012, but only after Nic Jacobs disappeared from the team. Now with more bodies coming in at tight end, Dickson, a bit on the smallish side, will have to show something to reprise his role as the second tight end.

Why this ranking is too low

Because Cam Cameron's offenses historically have liked to use the tight end in the passing game. Dickson, along with Smith (and to a lesser extent, Dillon Gordon), have a real chance to excel with a new sheriff in town leading LSU's offense. Plus, Dickson is the only one of that grouping who has shown he can perform on an SEC stage. His experience in that department can't be forgotten when stacking him up against his competition.

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