Another Dean headed to LSU

LSU signee Dakota Dean is preparing to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Blake Dean. The next few months hold a lot of uncertainty for Dean as he will have to decide which direction to take his career.

LSU Baseball fans have become quite accustomed with the Dean family name around the program over the last several years. Former first baseman and power hitter Blake Dean concluded his career with the Tigers in 2010 and is now an undergraduate assistant coach for LSU. If everything goes according to plan, there will be another Dean in Purple and Gold very soon.

Dakota Dean signed with LSU during the November signing period after holding offers from all of the major universities in the state of Florida. The 6-1 195 pound Dean quickly made a name for himself with his powerful swing and outstanding defensive play as a middle infielder for Crestview High School (Crestview, Fl.).

When it came time to choose a school, the decision was relatively easy for Dean, especially because of his familiarity with the LSU program.

"The biggest things were definitely the fans and how everyone there is so tight knit," Dean told TSD. "The atmosphere is great and my brother [Blake Dean] went there. I just love how everything there works and it's a great place. Coach [Paul] Mainieri and coach [Javi] Sanchez are other big reasons why I chose them." Even with Dean having to make the move to Louisiana from Florida, he explained that it wasn't difficult for him to decide to leave his home state.

"It wasn't difficult for me to leave home," said Dean. "Louisiana has been my home away from home for a while because my brother player there. I love it there."

One reason why it was so easy for Dean to elect to play his college ball in Baton Rouge is because of the relationships that he has built with the LSU coaching staff over the years. With him being signed and prepared to report to campus his discussions with the staff have switched to what his role will be once he gets on campus.

"Our relationships are really good," said Dean. "I've grown up around them with Blake being there. They are planning on me playing middle infield, but Bregman is tearing it up right now so I may have to find a new place."

As Dean said, the LSU coaching staff is planning on him playing middle infield once he is in Baton Rouge. There is a significant possibility that current LSU second baseman JaCoby Jones will not return for his senior year. If that turns out to be the case, Dean feels as though he could compete at that position right away.

Because he is the younger brother of a former Tiger great, Dean has been asked numerous times what it will be like to follow in the footsteps of a family member. The idea of it excites Dean, but he also realizes that his career will probably look very different from that of his brother.

"People always ask me about it," said Dean. "Blake and I are totally different though. He was a hitter that was known for his power. I'm more of a utility guy, but it will still be a great experience to follow in his footsteps."

Dean also has high hopes for this year's LSU squad. He has followed them closely and is ready to be a part of what the Tigers have achieved so far in 2013.

"I expect them to win a National Championship this year," said Dean. "They're playing good ball and they are on a roll. They should win it this year and hopefully for the years to come when I finally get there."

Dean is certainly one to watch as the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft will be taking place starting on Thursday of this week. From his conversations with scouts, Dean expects to be drafted relatively high, but he feels as though everything is very uncertain at this point.

"I have had conversations with scouts," said Dean. "They said they aren't sure where I would get picked. I have heard some things about getting picked in the top-five rounds from a couple of scouts, but that's pretty much a guess at this point."

Whether or not Dean would considered passing up the opportunity that he has waiting for him at LSU is anyone's guess at this point, even his own.

"The possibility of getting picked and actually going will depend on the money," said Dean. "I don't really see anything about the draft, but it would be hard to pass up four years at a place like LSU."

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