Discussing Numbers 41-45

Last week TSD revealed the LSU football players we ranked 41st through 45th for the upcoming season. Here, we discuss how the players fell and who could make the biggest impact of the group in 2013.

Week two of TSD's top 50 countdown of LSU football players for the 2013 season saw a quarterback, running back and punter come off the board.

Here were the names released for spots 41-45:

No. 45 - QB Stephen Rivers
No. 44 - RB Terrence Magee
No. 43 - TE Dillon Gordon
No. 42 - P Jamie Keehn
No. 41 - DB Micah Eugene

In the HD video below TSD's Ben Love discusses and debates these selections and future names to come with Austin Cooper and Hunter Paniagua.

VIDEO: Discussing numbers 41-45 on TSD Top 50 for 2013
Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zJUYKAyi0U

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And stay tuned Monday for the release of No. 40 on TSD's top 50 countdown.

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