It's a toss-up for Longhi

LSU signee Nick Longhi will have a very difficult decision to make within the next month after he was chosen in the 30th round of the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft by the Boston Red Sox. Longhi spoke with TSD's Austin Cooper about where things currently stand and which current Tiger he has been seeking advice from.

Heading into the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft, LSU had numerous signees that they would be keeping an eye on that had the potential to go within the first few rounds, including Venice High School (Fl) standout Nick Longhi. At the conclusion of the Draft, LSU had four signees picked in Justin Williams (2nd round), David Palladino (5th round), Longhi (30th round) and Parker Bugg (34th round). Longhi was one player in particular that the LSU coaching staff was very worried about losing to professional baseball because of the impact that the 6-2 208 pounder could have immediately for the Tigers.

Longhi – who was named to a 2013 first-team All-American by Rawlings – had been projected to be picked within the first four rounds of the MLB Draft. That didn't happen as Longhi fell to the 30th round and was eventually drafted by the Boston Red Sox. Because of this, Longhi explained that there was a bit of disappointment on his end because of what transpired throughout the Draft.

"I was a little bit disappointed as to where I went in the draft compared to where I was projected to go," Longhi told TSD. "I was projected to go in the second to fourth round. I had a couple of deals lined up with a team, but they both fell through. The money that they offered me wasn't appealing and I told them that I wanted to go to school."

When he got call from the Red Sox organization that they would be selecting him, Longhi made it very clear what his dollar amount would be to pass up the opportunity that awaits him at LSU. Even though things did not go according to play for Longhi, he is still very excited about what the future holds.

"My family and my advisor came up with a money amount that I would take and the Red Sox said that they had saved that amount of money," said Longhi. "They are just going to wait and see if I go to school or not. I'm definitely disappointed with what transpired, but I'm definitely excited about going to LSU if it doesn't work out."

One thing that Longhi has been focused on all spring is the run that LSU has been on throughout 2013, even with his disappointment regarding the Draft. With the Tigers now on their way to Omaha, Longhi explained that he has another thing that will definitely factor into his final decision about college or professional baseball.

"It's going to weigh on it in a huge way," said Longhi. "It makes me very proud because I felt a little bit down about where I was drafted and I didn't feel like I was as good as people had been telling me."

"Having the college that I am committed to make it to Omaha makes me feel a lot better and it made me very proud that I committed to them. It makes me realize that everything is falling into line and it is amazing that LSU will be playing in Omaha."

Following the Draft, Longhi has had very limited contact with the LSU coaching staff. He has, however, been in contact with several current LSU players and some of his fellow recruits about what his through process is right now.

"I haven't been in touch with the coaching staff too much, but I have been in touch with a lot of players and commitments from my class about what's going on," said Longhi. "I've been talking to Alex Bregman a lot and I had my mind made up after day two of the Draft that I was going to LSU."

If anyone knows just how beneficial it is to go to college to improve draft stock, it would be freshman Alex Bregman. After several discussions with the LSU freshman, Longhi felt that he had a good idea of what he would like to do with his future. However, the team that drafted him changed everything.

"I had the mindset that I was going to bust my tail and earn more money later down the line," said Longhi. "It's tough now because the Red Sox are my favorite MLB team and they may have the money. It's hard to say what will happen."

While things may change with Longhi between now and the July 12th signing deadline, he has a pretty good idea of what he would like to do.

"Right now, I have my mind set on going to LSU to play there and helping to lead the Tigers to a National Championship," said Longhi. "However, if the Red Sox saved enough money I would probably go play pro ball. It's a toss up right now and I'll just have to see what they can get."

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