Bugg leaning towards LSU

When he received the call from the Baltimore Orioles that he would be drafted in the 34th round of the 2013 MLB Draft, LSU signee Parker Bugg was very surprised. Bugg spoke with TSD's Austin Cooper about where things stand with Baltimore and where he is currently leaning in the decision process.

Even though LSU expected to have numerous signees drafted in the 2013 MLB Draft, Rancho Bernardo High School (Ca.) right-hander Parker Bugg wasn't as high up the list of concerns as others. The main reason for this is because the 6-6 220 pounder missed most of his senior season due to a foot injury that he suffered in April. Regardless of the injury, Bugg was picked in the 34th round by the Baltimore Orioles – something that came as a bit of a surprise to the San Diego native.

"It was pretty cool to be drafted even though it was in the later rounds," Bugg told TSD. "I missed most of my season because I had a stress fracture in my foot. It was cool to be drafted even though I didn't pitch for the last two months. It was just a nice experience."

With the Draft just finishing up on Saturday, Bugg has yet to figure out where things stand with the Baltimore organization. However, Bugg does have a pretty good sense of how things work with the negotiation process and he understands why he was drafted when he was.

"I haven't really started any negotiations because it was so late in the draft," said Bugg. "They could only give me like $100,000 up to the tenth round. They would have to get approval to give me what I want. I'm not sure how deep the discussion will go, but they just wanted to draft me to see how I would respond this summer after my injury."

Because he signed with LSU, the opportunity to play in the College World Series is something that Bugg has always looked forward to. Now that he will have a very important decision to make within the next month, Bugg knows of one thing that will definitely factor into his decision making process.

"Actually, that is one of the main reasons I chose to go to LSU because of how successful they are. I've been watching them all year and it is really cool to picture myself in their position next year." "Watching them in Omaha will definitely be an experience because I want to get there too."

"There's probably a pretty good chance that I'll be at this point. Unless they want to offer a pretty substantial amount of money, then I'll be at LSU. Things could get interesting if they do that, but we will just see. I haven't really even talked to them yet."

Bugg feels that attending LSU to play baseball is in his future, however, he also knows that anything can happen between now and the July 12th signing deadline.

"I'm definitely considering things, but nothing is set in stone," said Bugg. "I'm leaning more towards LSU right now, though."

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