Media Day Q & A: Craig Loston

Senior safety Craig Loston represented LSU at the 2013 SEC Media Days on Thursday. Come inside to read what Loston had to say about the Tigers and retooling the LSU defense this fall.

HOOVER, Ala. -- TSD caught up with LSU senior safety Craig Loston at the 2013 SEC Media Days Thursday morning.

Below is a portion of that Q&A with TSD intern Eric Oslund (other media outlets did contribute a few of the questions below).

Question: How good are the Tigers going to be this year?

Craig Loston: That's a good question. I don't really expect a drop at all, we have done a great job at recruiting people who can get the job done, and that's one of the great things about LSU. You can always expect them to be a great team.

Q: Who are some of the young players that will step up?

CL: (Jalen) Collins did a great job of playing last year and is one of those guys who stand out. Lamar Louis, Ego Ferguson will be some guys who can step into the defensive line and help us out. Danielle Hunter, those guys who have been in the system and getting a chance to play now.

Q: Was this spring a case of looking around and wondering where did everybody go?

CL: Not at all. That is one thing I like about LSU, since I've been there, guys have always been there. We do a great job at recruiting people, and get guys who can just come in and fill in right next to you.

Q: Since you have been there, who is someone who had an impact on you?

CL: I wouldn't say anyone, but I have been around guys like Patrick Peterson, Jai Eugene, Chad Jones. They are the type of guys where you get a feel of what it's supposed to be like when with them. Those are the guys that showed me the way on how to do it.

Q: Would you say it's your turn to carry the torch?

CL: Yeah, I mean I am the oldest in the secondary, so I would say it is up to me to keep it going. That is something I take pride in and trying to keep it going.

Q: What would it mean to wear number 18 if your coaches select you for that?

CL: If I were to wear number 18, I would be truly honored. 18 is a great number and it has tradition behind it, and as you know whoever is selected to wear it, it is big, it is a big time for LSU, and big time for that person.

Q: The last four quarterbacks you played all threw for 300 yards. Why do you think that is?

CL: We have to learn how to finish games. We played great, but big plays are going to happen, so you have to dial down on those plays, and we have to do a great job at finishing. We didn't finish that last game, and it leaves a salty taste in my mouth finishing like that. We are putting in hard work in the spring, in the summer, and will when we get to camp to get ready for TCU.

Q: Does this summer feel any different with the expectations not being as high?

CL: It's not different at all. It might not be high for other people, but for us it's always going to be high. I know how hard we work at LSU and what we are capable of doing and starting off the year every team wants to get to the dance. That's what we are working on doing and the only way we can get there is to take it one step at a time.

Q: Is it more difficult to play against the spread/up-tempo offenses?

CL: No, I mean in the secondary it means more tackles for us. It kind of spreads the team out a little bit, and some guys do a better job capitalizing on a spread out defense, and some don't. I think we will be fine, and I am ready to take on any team that tries to spread us out.

Q: Thoughts on Ole Miss after playing them last year?

CL: Ole Miss as a team has gotten good in my eyes. They have given us a hard-fought battle the past couple years, and it has always come down to the final minute. You can count on us and count on it to be a good game because they are going to be ready to fight. That's one thing you have to learn, everybody is going to come ready to play LSU, so we can't get down or start out sloppy. We have to start out strong and finish strong.

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