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LSU sophomore lineman Vadal Alexander is in the midst of a position change from tackle to guard. He spoke with TSD about coming back to practice Friday and moving over to the left side. Also included are player interview tidbits.

After practice Friday TSD caught up with sophomore offensive lineman Vadal Alexander, who spoke about changing places on the line, the challenges of playing guard and bouncing back from a knee injury.

Premium subscribers can also read player interview tidbits from Friday, including more from Alexander and teammates Elliott Porter and Jerald Hawkins, two more members of LSU's front five. Click on the link below.

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Below you'll find a full transcript from Ben's video interview with Vadal Alexander:

Ben Love: Going back to that Clemson game, was that something where your knee wasn't quite right, and how has it been getting back from spring practice to now?

Vadal Alexander: Well the Clemson game was more about my technique and things I didn't pay attention to enough to execute blocks. It's something that I have worked on this summer and in the spring to get better. Now looking forward I am 100 percent healthy and ready to go and I feel great going into the season.

BL: It looks like you have made the transition from right tackle over to left guard. What's the biggest challenge to moving inside?

VA: Just the different types of guys you are going against. You're going against more DEs and Outside LBs at tackle. Now you're going against more Inside LBs and DTs, so you have to know how to block them.

BL: Does it force you to use your quickness a little more?

VA: Well you have to have quickness at tackle, because of course you're blocking quick, fast defensive ends. But now if I play guard, I feel like I have an advantage on the DTs because I am quicker than them, a lot more athletic, in my opinion, so I use that to my advantage.

BL: LSU has liked to pull their guards over the years, especially with coach Studrawa. How does that factor into your game, and how do you feel like you are in that dimension?

VA: I think I can do a great job. I think I have great feet, good enough feet to move blockers and pull around the offense. I am looking forward to it. I can do it.

BL: Playing next to La'El Collins on the left side, what kind of duo can the two of you be?

VA: Dominant, in my opinion, we have the potential to be the best side in the country.

BL: Right now there are a lot of new guys showing up, Andy Dodd at right tackle, Ethan Pocic at center, hows the depth coming around so far on LSU's offensive line?

VA: Coming along real well. The young guys are getting in the playbook and learning the offense, and that's the key. When you're young you have to know what you're doing and then the talent takes over. So they're doing pretty good.

BL: Earlier you said you're completely back to health with the knee, coach Miles mentioned yesterday you had a bit of an ankle issue. How's that coming along?

VA: I'm great now. There is a [scrimmage] in a couple of days and I feel great.

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