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TSD's Hunter Paniagua got an interview with LSU WR Adam Henry at the Tigers' Media Day last week. In this Q&A, Henry talks about how things have changed with Cam Cameron on board, how eager he is to have Travin Dural in the mix, and how newcomers Quantavius Leslie and John Diarse are progressing. Head inside for the full interview.

Hunter Paniagua: It seems like the older veterans have really stood out to this point in fall camp. How much of a leadership role have guys like Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham taken on this year?

Adam Henry: "They're doing a good job of coming out to practice and really valuing each rep. The maturation process for those guys has come a long way. They still got a long way to go, but everyday we continue to work hard and get better each day. These guys take an approach where they're going to lead by example."

HP: How eager are you to have Travin Dural back after he missed last year, and get him back in the mix?

AH: "He gives us another dimension of the game with his vertical speed. He's able to make plays on the ball also, because those other two [Landry and Beckham] will get a lot of attention. He was doing well last year before his injury and he's bounced back. He worked hard to put himself in the position he's in now."

HP: How much has Quantavius Leslie improved since he's been here? It seemed like he was a little slow to catch on at first.

AH: "There's always a process in teaching the system. That takes a little time. He got into a little this summer, but now that he's actually doing it, it's totally different. He's coming along. But there's still plenty of time."

HP: To have long, tall guys like Leslie and Dural in the mix, was that something that was missing last year?

AH: "I feel like it was. But Odell and Jarvis have special talent so it doesn't necessarily matter how tall you are. But you want a bigger guy because of the style of football in the SEC with corners being the size that they are. We want some guys that are bigger, but if you're shorter and have the talent, it doesn't matter."

HP: What have been the biggest differences having Cam Cameron here? Particularly with the wide receivers, what are some of the new looks y'all are getting?

AH: "It's been good, because by trade he started out as a wide receivers coach. To have a coach that coached the position is always good. It's a process that I've been through with the Raiders. We did the same offense for two years. It was pretty much the same terminology, so there's some comfort there. When I'm saying certain things, he's saying the same things also. It reemphasizes and reiterates all the points that we're making."

HP: It seems like he's very hands-on with both the quarterbacks and the wide receivers, maybe moreso than other coordinators in the past. How does that help?

AH: "It's a process of talking through some things, and then making sure we're on the same page. I talk and I talk and I get them in the room. But he's saying what the process is, what the quarterback's thinking, how we're going to do things on the field, this is where they need to be positioned. To hear all that from him, it's always a great asset to hear as a receiver."

HP: It's obviously a bit unlucky to have guys like Armand Williams and Avery Peterson go down with injuries in the first week of camp. How does that affect the depth and the younger guys that may need to come around a bit faster?

AH: "It affected the depth. You never want anyone to get hurt, but that's part of the game. They're resilient, and they'll get back. We just have to move forward and continue to get better. And like you said, some younger guys are going to get more reps."

HP: How is John Diarse coming along?

AH: "It was huge for him to come in the spring. He's got a good football IQ. He knows the game being a quarterback at Neville. But it was good for him to come in early and get acclimated playing receiver. He's worked really hard with the conditioning for all the running being a receiver. But also he's matured a lot body-wise. Coach Moffitt's done a good job with him in the weight room."

HP: He's a little bit bigger than your typical wide receiver. How does that help his game?

AH: "It helps. He has a large catching radius. He has long arms, broad shoulders and big hands. That's adds another dimension to his game."

How important will the WRs be in Cameron's new offense?


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