HD VIDEO: Jalen Mills

Sophomore cornerback Jalen Mills spoke with the media Monday to kick off Alabama week on campus. Check out TSD's HD video of Mills discussing his evolving role at nickel back, bouncing back from 'Bama last season and preparing the freshmen for Tuscaloosa.

Sophomore cornerback Jalen Mills previewed No. 10 LSU's trip to Tuscaloosa this Saturday to take on the top-ranked Crimson Tide.

Check out TSD's HD video (with full transcript below) of Mills speaking to his growing role at nickel back, how he's grown from the end of last season's Alabama game and getting the young corners ready for a raucous environment.


Question: I know we've asked you this a hundred different times, but how much different is this Jalen Mills than the one that walked off the field after last year's (Alabama) game?

Jalen Mills: Just a totally different person with my mindset and my attitude toward everything - football, life, school, everything. Going through that at the age I was, as a freshman, it really changed me and put my mindset in a different place.

Q: You've been playing a lot of nickel, and it seems the one thing this defense has been lacking is that guy to make plays and change the direction of the game. If you're playing more nickel, do you feel like the guy who can make those Tyrann Mathieu-type plays?

JM: Most definitely. I think the coaches and the players do as well because if they didn't then they wouldn't put me in that position. So it's just something we've been practicing, and I did that a lot last year. Starting out this year I played on the outside more, but we needed more guys to make plays on the inside. Coach made that adjustment, and I think I've been doing pretty well.

Ben Love: What would your advice be to the young guys - Rashard Robinson and Tre'Davious White - considering what they're walking into this Saturday and the team they're playing?

JM: This is everything you came to LSU for. You got recruited here to play against the 'Bamas or the Floridas or the Georgias. This game is on a whole different level. Just mentally and physically you have to come in prepared. I'm going to get with those guys, whether it's extra film study or extra reps in practice that those guys may need or that I think they may need, we're going to do it and be ready for Saturday."


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