White ready for the rivalry

2016 RB Devin White doesn't have any official leaders at this point, but both LSU and Alabama are certainly high on his list. The four-star prospect will see both teams in person Saturday when he visits Tuscaloosa for the big game.

Who does 2016 RB Devin White like more — Jeremy Hill or T.J. Yeldon?

"It's Jeremy Hill, all day," White answered with certainty. "I feel like me and him are the same type of back. He's a big running back that's still able to move. He can run people over, run by people. He's got a good stiff arm and he really knows the game of football."

But don't jump to any conclusions that his RB of preference is an indication of which school he prefers. Though White holds offers from both LSU and Alabama, the four-star sophomore said he doesn't have a leader at this point.

He will get an opportunity this weekend to see both schools face each other when he attends his first game in Bryant-Denny Stadium. White's visited Tuscaloosa before, but this will the first time he experiences the gameday atmosphere.

"I hope it's similar to LSU's," White said. "Loud, intense fans really enjoying their time. That makes me feel comfortable."

White's no stranger to the Death Valley experience. In addition to visits he made to Baton Rouge for camps in both June and July, White has attended two games this season in Tiger Stadium.

White saw two LSU victories against Auburn and Florida, and though weather played a big part in dampening both atmospheres, White was still blown away.

"LSU came out and did what I thought they were going to do," White said. "Jeremy Hill had big games in both games. They can still move the ball against a good defense. The atmosphere wasn't at its best, but it was still loud."

Now he'll get an opportunity to see how things compare in Alabama. With LSU and Alabama both near the top of his list, he said this game will be important in comparing how both programs are run, but it won't be a decisive factor.

"I'll get to realize how they use their backs and see if they can do it against a good team," White said. "Both teams have been playing well. It's just going to come down to which school in the country makes me feel good and where I feel I can be successful as a player and a person."

As for what he likes about each school, White was most impressed by Alabama's facilities when he visited this summer.

"I also like the coaching staff and how they use their running backs," White said. "I like their locker room and player's lounge. I like how they handle their business."

With LSU, RB coach and recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson has a lot to do with what he likes about the Tigers.

"He's a good guy," White said. "He knows the game. With him, it's more than football. He's trying to help you out in every way he can. That's a good thing too."

As for what's going to happen during the game, White wasn't comfortable picking a winner.

"It's going to be a well-played game by both teams," White said. "I don't know who's going to win. I can't judge who's going to win. But I just hope it's a good game. I don't want one team to blow the other out. I don't want to see a blowout because I can see that at home."

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