Countdown to Tip-Off: 2 Days

In addition to the freshmen trio of Darcy Malone, Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey, LSU's frontcourt added JuCo transfer John Odo in advance of the 2013-14 season. TSD publisher Ben Love previews the campaign for Odo, who specializes on defense and rebounding.

Every day until LSU basketball tips off its 2013-14 season at Massachusetts on Nov. 12 (10 a.m. CST, ESPN), TSD will feature a player profile on one of the 11 available scholarship players on the roster. Our "Countdown to Tip-off" will go in numerical jersey order, starting with the lowest.

See the bottom of this story for links to previously penned profiles on No. 1 Anthony Hickey, No. 2 Johnny O'Bryant, No. 5 Shavon Coleman, No. 10 Andre Stringer, No. 11 Shane Hammink, No. 12 Jarell Martin, No. 22 Darcy Malone, No. 24 Malik Morgan and No. 25 Jordan Mickey.


C John Odo
# 31
Class: Jr.
Size: 7-9/236
Position: C
Ever since center Justin Hamilton parted ways with the LSU program following the 2011-12 season, the Tigers have been seeking big men to pair with forward Johnny O'Bryant in the post.

While Jordan Mickey is likely to start alongside O'Bryant this season in the frontcourt, JuCo transfer John Odo will also help JOB immensely, coming off the bench to provide instant defensive help and toughness while basically living only to block shots, grab rebounds and use his allotment of fouls.

Odo, a 23-year-old native of Nigeria, arrived at LSU in the spring semester last year from Hill College (Tex.). In his final season, Odo was named an honorable mention Junior College All-American, posting averages of 12.4 points, 14.3 rebounds and 4.7 blocks. He led the JuCo ranks with that rebounding average.

In the Tigers' exhibition game last week, Odo, a lefty, showed off his specialties.

He failed to score against the Gold Rush of Xavier (N.O.), but Odo grabbed 11 rebounds, five offensive, and blocked a shot in 15 minutes of action, mostly in the second half. The big man, who can play either the four or the five in Johnny Jones' system, also managed to get in four fouls.

As solid as the well-built Odo can be on the glass and in shot-blocking endeavors, he's equally as inept on the offensive end, where his game is limited to put-backs and the occasional half-hook, which he's more proficient with the left hand. The good news there for an LSU team with more offensive options is that Jones will never have to run a single play through Odo.

It's also a fair assessment to note that the faster tempo a game has, the less useful Odo will be. However, given the types of physical front lines LSU will come across in SEC play, he'll certainly have his games where he'll be needed.

Here's how Jones recently described Odo's game when asked what he wanted to see from the JuCo transfer in the Xavier exhibition game: "I'd love to see John Odo down on the block defending like he's capable and blocking shorts that are coming toward the rim. Rebounding, being the vicious rebounder that he is on the both ends of the floor, offensively and defensively. John is capable of going and getting rebounds out of his area. That's a guy that can read and understand where the ball is coming off, and he's done a good job."

Time will tell if Odo is headed more from regular or intermittent duty coming off the bench, but, given the potential for LSU to struggle on the glass when O'Bryant sits, here's betting Odo – limited offensive game and all – becomes a necessary part of the game plan for Jones.

How much can Odo help LSU in 2013-14?



PG Anthony Hickey

F Johnny O'Bryant

F Shavon Coleman

G Andre Stringer

F Shane Hammink

F Jarell Martin

F/C Darcy Malone

G Malik Morgan

F Jordan Mickey


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