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After LSU's loss to Alabama in Bryant-Denny Stadium, junior receiver Odell Beckham touched on offensive miscues as well as how the Tigers will approach the stretch run of the 2013 season. See it all in this HD video.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Following LSU's 38-17 loss at Alabama, junior receiver Odell Beckham spoke to reporters, touching on the offensive miscues and the team's mentality down the final stretch of the 2013 season.


Ben Love: The offense was able to get some things going. Talk about the challenges their secondary brought and what you guys did to answer that.

Odell Beckham: They did a great job of having safety help over the top. For the most part there were a lot of players where I can remember receivers running down the field wide open, but Zach (Mettenberger) didn't have enough time to get the ball off. They did a nice job of getting pressure on him.

Question: Is that one of those deals where they did a better job or did the offense need to step up and match that intensity?

OB: Coach Cam always says 'Is that bad offense or good defense?' We always feel as if we're not out there making plays, then it's bad offense. Sometimes you have to give your hat's off to a team, and they played good defense, but there were a few plays and a few drives where it was just bad offense on our part.

BL: Does this team feel like this was a game you all were good enough and talented enough to win, but there were just too many mistakes?

OB: Absolutely, starting from the first drive. A fumble on the goal line, a miscue with the center and the quarterback with a snap ... there were just too many mistakes that we made, leaving in the game and letting them take control.

BL: What's the mentality as you approach these last two or three games?

OB: The same as it always is - we're going to come out and we're going to fight for victory. We're never going to lay down for anybody. Right now it sucks but you have to eat this loss and move forward to Texas A&M.

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