Dupre's got five in mind

Now that his senior season is behind him, Malachi Dupre can start turning his attention to recruiting. The five-star WR has five schools in mind that he'd like to visit, but with a limited time to make that happen, Dupre may have some decisions to make.

NEW ORLEANS — Malachi Dupre didn't get a chance to contribute on the field to his team's 26th overall state championship.

A hamstring injury left him sidelined for John Curtis' 32-0 victory against University Lab last week. And because he had to keep things secret, that left several colleges as surprised as the fans that he didn't suit up.

"It was disappointing not being able to play in front of those guys," Dupre said. "But they know what I can do."

At this point, just about everyone knows what the five-star and No. 1 overall WR is capable of. Dozens of schools came calling for his services at some point during the process, and now with his senior season behind him, Dupre can start turning his attention to recruiting.

With the dead period starting Monday, Dupre has a limited amount of time to take his allotment of official visits. He's narrowed down his list of suitors to five schools — LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida State and UCLA. He said he'd like to make official visits to each one, but midweek visits would have to be part of the equation to make that happen.

"Honestly I would probably say my focus would be on the people that I haven't gotten to see much," Dupre said. "I haven't been to Florida State and that's definitely a school I want to look at because of the success they've achieved recently. It's definitely something I may want to be a part of. That's one I'm probably going to visit for sure."

"That's a school I've liked for a while, and the success they've had recently is just tremendous. They have a great quarterback in Jameis Winston, and if I went there, I'd probably play with him one year. I'd also be around other great players and receivers. That's a huge thing for myself. I want to be a part of someone that's successful and where I'd get a great education."

Dupre hasn't scheduled any of those visits yet, and that will be the next step for him. He said Alabama is one of the schools that has really grabbed his attention as well.

"They started recruiting me extremely hard," Dupre said. "Coach Nick Saban, the success he has is just amazing. I wouldn't mind being a part of that. Those things that the program has achieved, that keeps me interested."

The popular opinion with Dupre is that LSU has a commanding lead for his commitment. Though he won't admit that publicly, Baton Rouge is a place he's spent plenty of time in the last few months, attending several home games.

But Dupre said he's keeping an open mind when it comes to all his suitors.

"That was my first huge offer," Dupre said. "When I grew up I was a LSU fan. That was the school I always thought I'd like to be a part of. But as I got older and started getting in the recruiting process, I saw so many other great opportunities. I don't want be as narrow-minded and just consider LSU. I have an opportunity to go anywhere and I may take advantage of that."

Considering he only has a few leeks left to cram in his visits, Dupre did say that he may not make an official visit to LSU in order to make time for the other schools he hasn't seen. But Dupre wanted to reassure fans that just because he may not take his official to LSU, that doesn't mean the Tigers aren't in good shape.

"I've been there multiple times," Dupre said. "That visit, I won't say it won't mean anything, but everything I'd do on an official is stuff I've probably already done before. I've been there so many times, I know everything they have out there and I know everything that goes on. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't go on a visit there."


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