Six Graphs – 12/16

In the thick of the holiday season, TSD is taking stock of LSU football, with Ben Love and Hunter Paniagua writing three paragraphs apiece on a number of topics. Today's Topic: Will the playbook change with Jennings at quarterback versus Iowa?

In today's edition of "Six Graphs," a feature in which TSD's Ben Love and Hunter Paniagua provide three paragraphs apiece on a singular topic in the world of LSU football, the guys talk offense and if LSU's will be changing this bowl season.

QUESTION: Will the playbook change with Jennings at quarterback vs. Iowa?

Ben Love: Will the playbook change? No. But will the way Cam Cameron calls the game change? Sure. So too will the mix of favorite and preferred calls Cameron and Anthony Jennings decide on in practices as well as the outcome of certain plays, as Jennings has the capability to extend plays with his legs, something not in Zach Mettenberger's quarterback DNA.

The Iowa game affords Jennings the opportunity to build his confidence through game reps and Cameron the chance to put to the test Jennings' diverse skillset. Both are equally important, and while I anticipate Jennings will have a few designed runs, I don't believe Cameron, Les Miles and the LSU staff are ready to turn the page to the 2014 offense or playbook just yet. Plus, in a bit of news fans will get to know if it's not apparent yet, this Jennings kid is a pocket passer first, scrambler second.

So, while Miles has made it no secret LSU intends to have a running element with its quarterback going forward, don't expect the Tigers to make wholesale changes toward that end for the New Year's Day bowl game. After all, no matter who's at quarterback, that person still gets to play the Hawkeyes with Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry on either side and Jeremy Hill behind him. This year's offense will continue to do what this year's offense does.

Hunter Paniagua: The Outback Bowl may fall on the first day of 2014, but it will still look like 2013 with Anthony Jennings at QB — at least for this one game. All season, Jennings has worked behind Zach Mettenberger, operating in the same system and playbook. The two weeks of bowl practice won't be enough time for Cam Cameron to completely change the offense to accommodate Jennings' skill set.

There will be some differences though. As he showed in that Arkansas comeback, Jennings can make plays with his feet when the pocket breaks down. That wasn't an option Mettenberger provided, but don't expect Cameron to start calling a bunch of read-option just because he has a mobile quarterback. The goal will still be to move the ball downfield in chunks, and Jennings can still make all the throws necessary to flourish in the passing game.

Now when Cameron has an entire spring and fall camp to develop an offense around Jennings, that's when the major changes will come. But the offense in the bowl game will look like it has all season with all the same weapons around Jennings that were around Mettenberger.



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