HD VIDEO: Anthony Hickey

TSD's Ben Love went one-on-one with Anthony Hickey in this HD video (transcript included). The LSU point guard opened up on his evolution as a leader, the Tigers' depth and how freshman Jarell Martin is coming along on the floor.

TSD's Ben Love caught up with LSU point guard Anthony Hickey the day after the Tigers won a close game on the road at Texas Tech.

The junior spoke about his development as a leader, LSU's depth and how versatile freshman Jarell Martin is coming along on the court.


Ben Love: You guys pulled out a tight win Lubbock. What does that say about how this team was able to hold it together, even with all the foul trouble in the first half?

Anthony Hickey: It just shows our depth. We've got great character on this team. A lot of our first five went down. Two fouls in the first half (for that many players), that's tough. It just showed our depth, and the second group was able to come in and Andre Stringer led the team at the point. It showed great leadership on this team.

BL: A lot of those second-group guys are either freshmen or new to the team, like John Odo. Do you think they are starting to get it and fill their roles?

AH: Oh yeah, confidence is coming. If a team has confidence, it can take them so far. We all depend on each other, and we hold each other accountable. That's one thing our team has done good - we all stick together. Them stepping up in a big game like that on the road shows how that confidence is.

BL: With a new team this year that's different than the one you led last year, what's different about the role you have to play and your responsibilities?

AH: Just running the team and not worried about points, just being a leader. It's about being more vocal. Usually I wouldn't be the one talking. I'd be the quiet one. But now I'm trying to be more vocal and run the show. Andre [Stringer] just keeps telling me I'm doing a good job and I can get better. I'm trying to get better every day to run the team.

BL: When you look at Jarell Martin and what he's been doing so far, do you feel like he's at the most natural position for him? Or do you think he's kind of doing what's best for the team?

AH: Yeah, pretty much both. Coach's got him moving, switching around. We need him all over the court, and Jarell can play the two through the four. He's got great feet and a great shot. He can help us out through our offense just by him making the right decision. He needs to keep doing what he's doing. That's going to be a key point to this team.

BL: As one of the leaders of this team, what do you guys have to work on the next few games to be right for SEC play?

AH: Just finish out strong and be 8-2 after this Saturday. Try not to get on an early break. Let's go on this break with this win. Then, when January comes, we can pack the PMAC out and have more fun.

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