Jones rips LSU's effort

Following an embarrassing 18-point loss to Tennessee in LSU's SEC opener, Tiger coach Johnny Jones made it clear the status quo from the past two games won't stand. Come inside to hear and read the latest from Jones.

LSU (9-4, 0-1) laid its second egg in as many games at home, dropping a 68-50 decision to Tennessee (10-4, 1-0) in the PMAC Tuesday night.

Following the game Tiger coach Johnny Jones ripped into his team, questioning their effort and asserting he and his staff will reevaluate playing time and starters.

"It's something we're going to have to correct," Jones acknowledged. "I think unfortunately we've allowed guys to get minutes in certain places, and we've got to make sure that all that is earned. Minutes that guys play on the floor, they're going to have to earn them. That's going to have to start in practice. Positions are going to have to start in practice as well.

"This may not be the best starting lineup for us. These guys gotta go back and compete and play hard, and if it's anything to you, and you're looking for playing time, you're certainly going to take a little bit different approach. And if you want to play and compete and get some of those minutes, you'll have a little bit different effort."

Jones, who said he was "most concerned with our upperclassmen, our veterans," was then asked if he ever left the court as a player thinking he wasn't ready to play.

"No, I've never had an opportunity to say that, and I've never heard great players say that - that they didn't compete," Jones said frankly. "I'm not sure who said that, but I guess I can read and find out at a later date. If you don't show up when you put the uniform on and be ready to play, that's not the business we have here and very long you won't have a uniform here if you don't show up to play."

For plenty more from Jones, see the HD video below, which contains the opening 4:07 of his postgame comments. Also included in those remarks are his take on who LSU's leaders are at this point in the 2013-14 season.

Jones rips LSU's effort in Tennessee loss


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