Home away from home for Toliver

Going off to college isn't easy for some, most people just want to find a place and a school that is comfortable both personally and academically. College football players have to throw in the team aspect of it, but it is still the same thing. Comfort is very important. So goes it for cornerback Kevin Toliver.

Kevin Toliver is an elite prospect that plays high school football at Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian Academy. On a squad loaded with talent, Toliver is rated the best of the bunch.

Toliver has been playing football in Florida for a while, but his family roots reside in Louisiana. It was no surprise when he picked LSU to play for before his junior season.

Toliver has been everywhere playing football, both on the 7 on 7 circuit and winning a state championship at Trinity. After he visited the campus at LSU last summer, that was all it took.

"From day one, when he started hitting the camp circuit, he picked LSU to visit and when he picked them it has just been perfect for him," Toliver's father who is also named Kevin Toliver said. Toliver really got to know the coaching staff at LSU and they have made a huge impression on the 2015 star.

"The first thing is one-on-one, Corey Raymond is ultimately the one that is on top of Kevin," the dad said. "Frank Wilson and Coach Miles have been great from day one as well."

It doesn't hurt that Kevin had family that played for LSU. The connection wasn't much actually until Terrence Toliver started playing for the Tigers.

"Terrence is a third cousin to Kevin," Mr. Toliver said. "I knew of Terrence but me moving around the U.S. a lot, when he first left Texas, I tried to connect with him. We talk more now than we have in the past. He is up in Chicago with the Bears."

That home town feel was a big part of why the younger Toliver chose LSU. So much of the family is from there. But that isn't all.

"It is a piece of it, that is home and home," he said. "When someone else brings a different value to it outside the family and makes you feel the same way. That is the other piece. They take that family environment personally and create this other mountain of showing family within and outside of where we live."

It is a long way until signing day. Thirteen months or so until the dotted line is signed. Who knows what can happen in that time and Mr. Toliver says that Kevin will have his chance at other opportunities.

"We are respectable," Mr. Toliver said of his family values and when being approached by college football programs. "We give everyone the same opportunity, just like LSU. Nothing is over until Kevin signs that dotted line and it is time to go to school. LSU knows that. Kevin gave his commitment over a tremendous bunch of things and there are more boxes checked for LSU than any school across the country. We've never closed the doors because anything can happen between now and then. Things change and happen. It isn't anyone's fault, it's just the way it happens."

"If something happens between now and then, obviously we will have to look elsewhere."

In the big scheme of things, the LSU program has been one of the more stable programs in all of college football. It seems a monumental change would have to occur for the Tolivers to make any kind of move.


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