Brumfield: 'Great first impression' of Grimes

LSU offensive line commitment Garrett Brumfield had the chance to meet new position coach Jeff Grimes on campus last weekend. Inside he discusses his takeaway from the meeting as well as how he views the starting right guard position vacated by Trai Turner.

In the last two weeks LSU football has seen a transition on its coaching staff, with tenured offensive line coach Greg Studrawa out and former Virginia Tech and Auburn assistant Jeff Grimes hired to back-fill for Studrawa.

Through it all both of the Tigers' 2014 commitments on the line - Garrett Brumfield and William Clapp - have held firm in their respective pledges to LSU.

Wednesday afternoon, while guest-hosting "After Further Review" on 104.5 FM (WNXX) in Baton Rouge with Hunt Palmer, Hunt and I had the chance to interview Brumfield, going in-depth with the U-High Cub who met Grimes for the first time this past weekend on a visit to campus.

Brumfield also discussed his time at the Under Armour All-America Game in Tampa, Fla., as well as his aspirations coming into LSU and how he sees each of the two quarterbacks that will vie for the starting job in 2014.

Here's the full transcript of that radio interview.

Question: You got a chance to visit LSU last weekend and meet new offensive line coach Jeff Grimes. What did you think of him?

Garrett Brumfield: He's a great coach and seems like a great man. He really prides himself on being a family man, and I really like that about him. It was a great first impression.

Question: Did it surprise you that they let Coach Stud go?

GB: Yes sir, it actually did take me by surprise. That's something I don't think many people, if anyone, saw coming. I really had a great relationship with Coach Stud, and I enjoyed his time here. It's unfortunate that I didn't get to work him, but meeting Coach Grimes was a great thing and, with anything, time goes on. Coaches change, recruiting changes, things like that. I'm just looking forward, toward the future, and really excited about getting to work with Coach Grimes now.

Question: After the Under Armour All-America Game, you mentioned you'd been told you probably would start off at guard (at LSU). I know you're a guy who can play either guard or tackle, but have you gotten the sense after meeting with Coach Grimes that the original word would hold true?

GB: Yes sir. I'm a little smaller than some of the other guys, but playing guard isn't a problem for me. I've played guard before in the past. That's kind of been a trait that people have said I have - versatility. I've basically played just about every position on the offensive line, except center.

Question: This is the time of year where fans and media look at the guys that are leaving and the holes the team has going forward. LSU is losing its starting right guard in Trai Turner. How do you look at that situation and do you see it as an opportunity to maybe get some early playing time?

GB: It's definitely a great opportunity. I was really saddened to see Trai leave. He's a great guy. But him leaving did open up a position, and definitely there's going to be a lot of competition for that position. Me being a young guy, looking at it realistically, we all know being a true freshman in the SEC on either side of the in the trenches is a really hard task to come close to conquering. Coming in and playing early is something that I'm definitely interested in, and I plan on going out every day and competing for that spot.

Question: We know you were on campus this last weekend. A lot has been made of all the committed guys who were in and the relationships you guys have been forming. It appears to be a pretty tight-knit group. What kind of relationships have you developed with your signing class?

GB: Throughout last weekend and even before then, guys like Will Clapp, Jacory Washington and Trey Quinn, we've seen each other around campus at some of the home games and have been to camps with one another. Just as a whole, we have a tight-knit group. We're going to come in and bring a lot of new things to the LSU program. We all have a pretty good camaraderie, and I'm looking forward to playing with them.
Question: I understand you're not necessarily a guy that likes to get out there heavily recruit others. You like each person to be able to make a decision for him and his family, but do you get the sense that LSU plans to add a third offensive lineman in this class?

GB: Yes, that kind of has been the talk. As far as me asking the coaches directly, I have not asked them about that. But from reading things on the Internet, word of mouth, it's kind of been known that they are looking for another offensive line prospect. Whoever the guy may be, we're going to treat everybody the same. We're going to treat him like one of our brothers.

Question: For a guy that went to school on LSU's campus, what's it like to take a 'visit' to LSU? They can't show you anything you haven't seen already, right?

GB: That's true to an extent, but at the same time it's not. I had been told previously that going to U-High and then going to LSU is like night and day. People always said being a student at LSU is the total opposite from being a student at U-High. So there have been a lot of things that I'd seen before as far as tours, the academic center, football facility and things like that, but you get a better of sense of things you don't know or that you might think that you know by going on the official visit. And, by the way, I saw things that I hadn't seen before.

Question: Garrett, did you ever debate becoming an early enrollee?

GB: I actually did. My parents and I discussed it, but it's actually in my school's policy where students aren't allowed to leave U-High early.

Question: Not asking you to handicap who will win the quarterback position battle, but give us a tale of the tape since you know both of these guys - Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris.

GB: Anthony is a really good athlete. He's a guy that can move around. He's pretty mobile, but of course he's young, being a freshman. Brandon is in my class (so he's young too). He's a pretty good guy. I feel like he has really great leadership skills. Brandon can take hold of everybody and bring everybody together.

Question: On the high school level a lot of times you can take the field on Friday nights and just physically dominate the guy on the other side. They just don't stack up. That probably wasn't the case in Florida over New Year's. What did you learn about your game playing against four- and five-star guys every day?

GB: Oh yeah, it's a totally different game. The speed of the game is faster. Everybody out there is big, fast and strong. Coming out of high school, you sometimes meet guys who are talented and are good players, but that's not always the case. There are times and there aren't where you can just come off the ball and dominate a guy. Going down to Orlando, you have to rely more on your technique and not just physical ability and raw power. Everybody is fast, strong and plays well. These are some of the best guys in the country.

Question: One last question -- You spent time around those elite players for a week down there. Where do your high school teammates, Nicholas Brossette and Dylan Moses, stack up against those guys?

GB: Nick and Dylan are both talented guys. Dylan of course is a really young kid. He's going to be a sophomore this year, but he's naturally talented and has been a pretty good football player since we were young. Nick is a guy who gets the ball and has great vision. He sees the field well and makes good cuts. I feel like both of them are going to be really successful in the future when it comes to that level of play.


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