Confidence Levels: 2 Days to NSD

TSD unveils its final batch of Confidence Levels with just two days remaining until National Signing Day. The TSD Staff will try to clue you in on LSU's chances of landing each one of its remaining targets.

For the final time, TSD's Ben Love and Hunter Paniagua provide their levels of confidence that LSU can land each of its top remaining uncommitted targets for the 2014 Class. Using a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest, the TSD staff will clue you in with their feelings on each prospect's recruitment.

These numbers aren't just coming out of thin air either. Based on rumblings we've gotten from both the players and LSU staff, these confidence levels should reflect how the Tigers feel at this point.

Below is the breakdown on LSU's nine remaining targets and two soft commits.

**Last month's ratings are in italics
FA: First Appearance

WR Malachi Dupre – Ben: 8.5 (8.0), Hunter: 8.0 (8.5)

Just about everyone that's followed Dupre's recruitment has tabbed LSU the leader throughout. That hasn't changed with less than 48 hours left until he makes a final decision, but Dupre has caused a sweat from LSU fans in these final weeks. Dupre wrapped up his final official visit this past weekend to UCLA, while Alabama, Florida State and Ole Miss remain in the mix. Most feel the Bruins and Seminoles are the stiffest competition for the Tigers, but neither of those programs has built the kind of relationship with Dupre that LSU has. Dupre also has a lot of family support to stay in-state, which could definitely play a major factor. So while LSU feels it has a significant edge here, which is represented in the confidence levels, there's still room for another school to pull off the steal.

Can LSU keep Kenny Young in Louisiana?

LB Kenny Young – Ben: 3.0 (5.0), Hunter: 2.5 (4.0)

The speculation will finally come to an end when Young announces his commitment around 9 a.m. on NSD. He too made his final official visit this past weekend, joining Dupre on a trip to UCLA. Heading into the final two days of the 2014 cycle, the feeling is that it's still a battle between LSU and the Bruins for his commitment, though it still isn't certain which school has the edge. But coming off that trip out west, the Bruins are brimming with confidence after getting him on campus, which supports the rumblings that UCLA has been a major factor throughout Young's recruitment. At this point, the Bruins do look like the pick on NSD, but LSU still can't be ruled out. The Tigers do seem to be playing from behind at this late stage, and it may be too much to overcome.

DT Trey Lealaimatafao – Ben: 8.5 (FA), Hunter: 8.5 (FA)

LSU entered Lealaimatafao's recruitment late, but the Tigers have passed up everybody in a short amount of time. After an unofficial visit to Baton Rouge on Jan. 17, LSU soared to the top of his list and remain there now. Lealaimatafao will announce between LSU and Oregon on Wednesday morning, and most everybody feels the Tigers' hold a significant edge. Lealaimatafao followed that LSU trip with an official visit to Oregon, but there have been reports that visit didn't meet expectations, which is another check mark in the side of LSU. Consider that Lealaimatafao also has a lot of family in Baton Rouge, and that all leads us to being very confident LSU picks up his commitment on NSD.

OT Derrick Kelly – Ben: 8.5 (2.5), Hunter: 9.0 (2.5)

Kelly's another prospect that LSU didn't start recruiting until late in the process. But the Tigers have done an exceptional job with him as well, and LSU feels it has a major lead in this recruitment. In fact, Kelly has already made his decision and informed the school to which he'll commit. Knowing that, our high confidence levels should be an indication of where things stand. Even our reporters connected with the Florida program, his other top school, are pegging LSU as the favorite to land Kelly's commitment. Kelly hasn't taken any visits since his official to Baton Rouge on Jan. 24, and the Tigers should receive good news from their only remaining OL target come NSD.

DT Travonte Valentine – Ben: 9.5 (8.0), Hunter: 9.5 (8.0)

Many may think Valentine's recruitment is still a battle between LSU and Miami, but that would be misleading. The Tigers have had a significant lead here for more than a month, and that won't likely change in these final days. Miami didn't stop recruiting Valentine though, trying desperately to get him on their campus this past weekend for an official visit. Valentine didn't make that trip though, which should be all the indication one needs to determine who'll get his commitment on NSD. Valentine has made up his mind and the only school with confidence at this point is LSU. The nation's No. 2 DT should be a Tiger by Wednesday.

WR Emanuel Porter – Ben: 4.5 (FA), Hunter: 5.0 (FA)

Porter's decision could seemingly still go either way between LSU and TCU. The four-star WR has been "committed" to the Horned Frogs since Jan. 17 but still gave LSU every opportunity they needed to make an impression. His visit to Baton Rouge on Jan. 24 received rave reviews and led many to believe it made LSU the favorite. That's not totally the case though, as Porter still has pressure from his family to remain close to home, which may win out in the end. But those close to him still think it's a tossup, and Porter won't tip his hand before his NSD announcement. That being said, LSU has done everything it can to sell Porter on the Tigers, even making an in-person visit with him this past Saturday. That's all been enough to at least get in the discussion, but whether it's enough to pull off the steal remains to be seen.

LSU still has a chance with Lorenzo Carter

DE Lorenzo Carter – Ben: 3.5 (1.5), Hunter: 2.5 (1.0)

LSU still finds itself looking up at Georgia for this five-star prospect. Carter took his official visit to Athens this past weekend, and most still feel the Bulldogs lead for his commitment, which he'll make at 2 p.m. on NSD. But nobody's calling Georgia a lock at this point, and LSU has done enough in the last couple months to be a legitimate threat. The relationship Brick Haley's built with Carter has done wonders for LSU's chances, and reports were extremely positive from his official visit on Jan. 17. We'll see if it's enough, but LSU definitely has some positive momentum rolling into NSD. It would be a surprise if he picks the Tigers, but there isn't anybody that's ruling it out.

CB Adoree Jackson – Ben: 4.0 (4.0), Hunter: 3.0 (4.0)

LSU's in a similar position with this five-star prospect as they are with Carter. Most still feel the Tigers are in third place behind USC and Florida, but there still isn't anyone ruling them out. Jackson did take an unofficial visit to the nearby Trojans this past weekend. While that has those on the USC side feeling confident, many are hesitant to read too much into that visit. LSU's continued its hard press in recent weeks, including an in-person visit from Cam Cameron and other assistants this past weekend. The Tigers do also have the track program to sell, which many feel could be the most significant factor in his recruitment. At this point, LSU is a darkhorse but doesn't trail the others by very much. If you're looking for a NSD surprise, Jackson could very well be it.

DE/OLB Sione Teuhema - Ben: 1.5 (FA), Hunter: 2.5 (FA)

Teuhema surprised just about everyone when he and his brother Maea, a 2015 four-star OG, showed up in Baton Rouge for a visit this past weekend. Well, everyone but LSU. The Tigers have been recruiting the two brothers since the spring of 2012, and didn't let up despite the commitment they made to Texas back in April. The coaching change in Austin gave LSU a big enough opening to get the two down for a trip before NSD, and the Tigers hope they did enough to give them something to think about. Sione and his brother are a package deal, as they've said many times they will attend the same school. They've remained quiet though after returning home from their visit, leading to plenty of speculation of a NSD flip. But as it stands right now, there just isn't enough information out there to make us very confident that happens. But this is one to definitely keep an eye on as there may be several twists and turns still ahead.

DE Davon Godchaux – Ben: 7.5 (FA), Hunter: 9.0 (FA)

DE Deondre Clark – Ben: 4.5 (FA), Hunter: 5.5 (FA)

We've published these confidence levels once a month since the summer, and each time we've been hesitant to include committed prospects. But because both Godchaux and Clark have announcements scheduled for NSD, we felt it appropriate to include them in this final batch. Godchaux is definitely the one of the two inspiring more confidence. Despite official visits to Auburn and UCLA in recent weeks, the consensus from multiple perspectives is that Godchaux will stick with the Tigers on NSD. Clark's a different story though, as his recruitment still seems up in the air. LSU does get the impression that Clark wants to stick with his pledge to the Tigers, but his mother does still want him to stay close to home and attend Oklahoma. We can really see this going either way, which is represented in our confidence levels, and it's hard to predict with certainty which school will land his signature.


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