Class of 2014 Superlatives

LSU's Class of 2014 is in the books, so TSD is handing its awards. From Most Outstanding to Most Surprising, we examine the big winners from the newest batch of Tigers.


Winner: Leonard Fournette

This honor goes to Fournette not only for his athletic ability, but also to LSU for pulling him in this class. The Tigers decided not to take a RB in either of the previous two classes, all with the hopes it would help lure in Fournette. That high-risk/high-reward strategy paid off as Fournette finally signed Wednesday on the dotted line. But not only was it an outstanding get for the Tigers but Fournette is truly deserving of the title. His talent is well documented. He's been the consensus No. 1 recruit for as long as the rankings existed. But more importantly, Fournette's also an outstanding person. Less mature kids would have let these lofty accolades to go their heads, but Fournette maintained the same level of humility throughout. In a world where egos are inflated and massaged, Fournette remained grounded and seems to have an even brighter future ahead.

Honorable Mention: Malachi Dupre, Jamal Adams


Winner: Cameron Robinson

In yesterday's press conference, Les Miles admitted there were a couple guys in the state they wish they could've gotten. Robinson was certainly one of them. LSU put a lot of time and effort in recruiting him, but it wasn't enough and he eventually enrolled at Alabama earlier this year. But more disappointing than losing a consensus five-star prospect from the state is the fact that LSU never found a replacement. The coaches kicked the tires on a number of different linemen, and got pretty far with Derrick Kelly, but ultimately the 2014 class was left without a true tackle. That will leave a lot of pressure on new OL coach to strike gold in 2015.

Honorable Mention: Devante Noil, Gerald Willis


Winner: Sione Teuhema

Follow recruiting long enough and you'll take your fair share of twists and turns. For people like me, it's our job to make sense of it all to make proper predictions for our readers. But every year something happens that even catches the experts off guard. There weren't many people outside the LSU football office that knew Teuhema was even an option for the Tigers. For months it seemed like him and his brother, Maea, were as solid as could be to Texas. But when the pair showed up for a visit to LSU four days before NSD, the secret was out and the Tigers ultimately landed both highly ranked prospects. That's a credit to the persistence of the coaching staff as they pulled off one of the cycle's bigger surprises.


Winner: Brandon Harris

It's hard to imagine the nation's No. 6 quarterback could have the highest ceiling, but most experts feel Harris has only just begun to tap into his potential. He already has all the raw tools to be a promising QB, with his cannon for an arm and ability to make plays on the run. If Zach Mettenberger was any indication, Cam Cameron knows how to mold a productive QB. Cameron only had one season to work with Mettenberger. He gets Harris for his entire career and the sky seems to be the limit for the state's best QB prospect in seven years.

Honorable Mention: Garrett Brumfield, Edward Paris


Winner: Malachi Dupre

LSU's starting with a clean slate at wide receiver in 2014. After losing all three of their top pass catchers, The Tigers will be searching for somebody new to take over for Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry. That leaves a tremendous opportunity for Malachi Dupre, the nation's No. 2 WR, to step in and have an impact. He already has all the tools you look for in a receiver, and most everyone agrees he can step on a field right now and compete against SEC competition. When ability meets opportunity, that's a formula for success and Dupre will carry high expectations for his freshman season.

Honorable Mention: Leonard Fournette, Jamal Adams


Winner: Darrel Williams

Fournette gets all the attention, and rightfully so, but Williams is just as deserving. The four-star back erupted in his senior season for more than 2,200 rushing yards and 32 touchdowns. Prior to that, schools mostly kept him on the backburner, targeting bigger names with the few available spots. Word eventually got out, but even now that he's signed, he's almost forgotten when compared to the hype that follows Fournette. But the coaches have high expectations for Williams, and with his power, he may very well have a bigger impact in 2014 than most might think.

Honorable Mention: Tony Upchurch, John Battle


Winner: Garrett Brumfield

Interviewing teenagers isn't the most glamorous aspect of this job. Most recruits are no different than the average high schooler when it comes to personality. Many are shy, soft-spoken and trying to get a decent quote can be like pulling teeth. So it's incredibly refreshing when you come across a kid like Brumfield that can command a room with his charisma and offer a refreshing perspective in interviews. He was a media favorite throughout his recruitment, and assuming his playing career follows suit, he could very well become a face of the team.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Harris, Edward Paris


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