Lott biding his time

There's been no shortage of interest in 2015 Byrd guard Chad Lott on the recruiting trail. In this interview with TSD's Ben Love, Lott details his latest and explains why this summer will determine a lot for him.

For 2015 guard Chad Lott (C.E. Byrd/Shreveport), the recruiting game has become a waiting game.

It's not that Lott, 6-3, 180 pounds, lacks for offers or interest from programs across America. He has plenty of that already. Instead the three-star perimeter player is patiently, but excitedly, awaiting what's coming this summer, when Lott will ply his trade for Nike Team Louisiana of the EYBL.

In a recent interview with TSD, Lott said only then can he elevate his stock to the next level, providing him with all of the options he'll need to ultimately make his collegiate decision.

"I believe this is the most important summer of high school for me," explained Lott. "This is where I feel like I have to have a good summer. Last year I had a decent summer playing with the Nike Team and the Roundballers, but this summer I really want to show everyone something."

Until then Lott is content to slow-play the recruiting process.

"I'm just letting the process play out slowly. I'm just playing ball," Lott continued. "I'll probably get a little more into it this summer, but as far as me just really focusing on cutting down school names, I'm not really too worried about that yet."

Lott, and his Byrd Yellow Jackets, have enjoyed some success on the prep side this season while the player waits for his summer stage.

"I think as a team we've had a successful season," Lott reflected. "I believe we're 21-4 right now, so I like how it's been going. We have three games left for district, but we may have to do some more games because there may be a tie for district.

"Right now we're in a nice seed. We're ranked No. 3, I believe, in 5A. I want to keep that nice seed and even go further so we can have a good spot and make a run."

Playing in the top classification in Louisiana, Lott, who plays on the ball and off, estimated he's averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds and 6.5 assists throughout the 2013-14 campaign. But, as he explained, it hasn't been as easy as it was as an underclassman now that he's in the crosshairs of every opposing defense. He's had to get creative.

"I'd say I've been playing a little more point because mostly I'm seeing box-and-one and triangle-in-two or stuff like that, so I'm playing more on the ball," said Lott. "It's been very (difficult) to score 20 off a double-team or score 20 off a box-and-one."

The player's scoring exploits have landed scholarship offers and strong interest from some of the top programs in the country. Lott reports offers from Arizona State, Baylor, Colorado State, Creighton, Houston, LSU, Oklahoma State, Richmond, SMU, Tulsa, UTEP and in-state schools Southern, Tulane and ULL. He's also received interest from Butler, Memphis, Oklahoma, Stanford, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCLA and UNC.

Perhaps the program making the hardest push for Lott's services at this point is SMU. After head coach Larry Brown made a trip to Shreveport to watch Lott in action in December, Lott returned the favor this past weekend with a visit to SMU's campus for the Mustangs' showdown with ranked Cincinnati.

According to an interview with Adam Grosbard of PonyStampede.com, Lott came away impressed with the experience – enough so that the player was able to scrap together a top three list. However, the list seems to be more predicated on programs' interest in him, not necessarily vice-versa at this point.

"SMU has been contacting me a lot. The other school is Creighton and then LSU are probably the top three based on how they've been recruiting," Lott told Grosbard. "Probably SMU and Creighton are about equal (on my list) and LSU is right behind there."

In the case of the home-state Tigers, Lott told TSD things have been relatively hands-off in the past few months. But Lott reminded that's exactly the way LSU's staff told him it would be.

"There hasn't been as much contact from LSU, but they told me before the season it was going to be like that," Lott recalled. "They told me they have their own team to worry about and their own season."

The last contact Lott received from the Tigers came directly from head coach Johnny Jones, but Lott indicated assistant David Patrick has been a mainstay as well during the recruiting process.

On a final LSU-related note, Lott assured the recent commitment from 2016 point guard Skylar Mays will have little-to-no bearing on his decision. "I know Mays. He's my boy, but that doesn't change things for me too much. I mean he's a really good point guard, but that doesn't (affect) me at all."


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