HD VIDEO: 2015 G Brandon Sampson

Madison Prep guard Brandon Sampson is one of the biggest names in Louisiana on the 2015 recruiting radar. TSD's Ben Love caught up with Sampson on Thursday, talking prep ball, recruiting and when Sampson will make his college decision.

LSU is one of many schools after 2015 four-star guard Brandon Sampson (Madison Prep/Baton Rouge).

In the HD video below, Sampson updates TSD on his junior season (the Chargers play Christian Life tonight for the district title), playing without Jarell Martin and what factors will go into his college decision.

TSD will have a fuller premium report on Sampson tomorrow, but for now enjoy this free HD video with the transcribed interview underneath.

Ben Love: You guys play for the district title tonight at home against Christian Life. How would you assess how the season has gone so far?

Brandon Sampson: It's been going pretty good. We had a couple of good wins, big wins against teams that aren't in our class. We also had some losses that helped calm us down and made us come back down to where we are so we can get better and do what we need to do.

BL: For the people that haven't seen your game so far, describe it for them.

BS: I'm still developing, trying to become a better player so when I hit this summer I can get more offers and get my name out there a little bit more, a little more exposure.

BL: But you would consider yourself a true shooting guard? An off-the-ball player?

BS: I'm a little bit of a combo (guard). I can run the one and the two, but I feel most comfortable at the two.

BL: This is your first year without Jarell Martin. What's that been like as far as taking on more of a leadership role?

BS: It's really matured me, trying to fill in his shoes and do everything he did.

BL: You and Jarell are good friends. I assume you stay in touch with him a good bit?

BS: Oh, yes sir. He's like a brother to me. I call him every now and then and ask him how he's doing, and he calls me some times to ask me how I'm doing.

BL: Has it been valuable for you on the court to get and learn some things from him even though he's at the next level?

BS: Yes sir, because he tells me things about preparing for getting there. Things like 'You're going to see the physicality of college' and how you have to build up muscle and things like that.

BL: When you do make your college decision, what are the factors that will go into it? What's important to you?

BS: Being in the right situation and getting me where I want to be.

BL: Have you made a decision yet as far as when you'll make that announcement?

BS: My senior year, some time my senior year.


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