Cameron rides QBs/WRs in practice

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron dialed up the intensity at Tuesday's spring practice, calling his quarterbacks and receivers to the mat for sloppy play. TSD has the latest HD video and analysis inside.

When LSU returned to the Charles McClendon Practice Facility Tuesday afternoon for the team's sixth practice of the spring, the story was offensive coordinator Cam Cameron lighting into his quarterbacks and receivers.

Cameron, not in the mood for the sloppy play exhibited, took quarterback Anthony Jennings and wide receiver John Diarse to task for their inability to convert an unguarded slant route and Diarse later in the exercise for tucking the ball in his inside hand.

At one point LSU's second-year coordinator barked out, "Until we can throw a slant we ain't going to throw another route, I promise you. We'll be the simplest, I tell you what, we'll run 1950s football until we can do this. We'll run one route the whole year."

See all of that and more on the HD video below from today's LSU football practice.

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