Lott preparing for big summer

Byrd guard Chad Lott is heading into the final summer before his senior season. TSD caught up with the 2015 prospect recently to gauge how Lott is gearing up for a big summer and how/when he'll sort through double-digit offers.

To say this summer is paramount for 2015 three-star guard Chad Lott (C.E. Byrd/Shreveport) would be an understatement.

Even Lott himself, in a recent interview with TSD, put a premium on the coming few months and the impact they can have on his future on the college level.

"I believe this is the most important summer of high school for me," Lott said then. "This is where I feel like I have to have a good summer. Last year I had a decent summer playing with the Nike Team and the Roundballers, but this summer I really want to show everyone something."

Which is why Lott (6-3, 180) has taken extra precautions with a sore knee that's been giving him problems since the latter part of his junior season at Byrd, which ended in the first round of the 5A state playoffs when the third-seeded Yellow Jackets lost to Ouachita Parish on Feb. 28.

The player reported Saturday, following a workout and scrimmage with his Red Storm EYBL teammates, that he stayed off the court entirely for the three-week period since Byrd's season came to a close.

"I actually didn't do anything for about two or three weeks, so this is probably my first day getting back in the gym," explained Lott. "I've gotta get it back 100 (percent). It's not at 100, but it's better than it was at the end of the season."

Lott did see an orthopedist after the playoffs, and the diagnosis was a positive one for the off-guard. Tests revealed no structural damage and no limitations were put on Lott, who felt okay, but not yet at his best, on Saturday as he worked his way back onto the floor.

"It was all right, but I've gotta work out some this week to get ready for Jackson this weekend," leveled Lott.

On the topic of recruiting, the needle hasn't moved much for Lott over the past four to six weeks. He's still sitting on double-digit offers, with SMU and Creighton recruiting him the hardest from out of state and LSU putting its bid in from inside Louisiana.

He has no intentions on culling the herd until his run in the EYBL this summer is complete. "I'm trying to weigh it out this summer and then I'll probably narrow it down by the end of this summer or the beginning of next school year," Lott said.

There is also no sense of urgency from Lott on when he'll ultimately announce and sign with a program. He's currently undecided on whether he'll ink the early or late period.

"I don't know. I'm not going to make a decision until I'm 100 percent sure that this is the college I want to go to," continued Lott. "Right now I can't really predict when that will be."

As for the criteria he'll consider in making his decision, Lott indicated it's all about comfort and the right fit.

"Whoever I'm most comfortable playing for," Lott responded when asked what's important to him. "The relationship I have with the coaches, how my family feels about the school, the academics and all of that (is important), but mostly it's about where I can fit in."

Lott will continue to carve out his niche this summer while leading the 17U Red Storm (Nike Team Louisiana) squad through the EYBL gauntlet.


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