Q & A: Anthony Jennings

Sophomore Anthony Jennings is stepping into a big role beginning this spring for LSU. The projected starting quarterback spoke about the experience and how he's been progressing with TSD's Ben Love.

With only one practice remaining before Saturday's spring game, TSD caught up with LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings.

The rising sophomore from Marietta, Ga., has worked as the Tigers' first-team quarterback this spring. He reflected on the experience to date with TSD publisher Ben Love, opening up on how he and early enrollee Brandon Harris compare as well as how he approaches the balance of competing and absorbing instruction from offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.


Ben Love: How did the last scrimmage go?

Anthony Jennings: It went pretty good. On the offensive side everybody's getting better – the offensive line, running backs and wide receivers. We had a big day on the offensive side. We threw for a lot of yards and we ran for a lot of yards. Each practice we come out and we try to get better, and that's what we're going to continue to do.

BL: Last year with Zach Mettenberger this was a pass-friendly offense in a lot of ways. Have you seen that start to shift a little now that you and Brandon Harris, two guys with mobility, are the two main guys?

AJ: We're emphasizing the running game this spring. I think that doesn't shy away from our passing game, though, because we work on that as well. But we are running the ball and trying to emphasize the physical nature. I think spring is for that – to impose our physical will. We're trying to get better in the running game and also the passing game.

BL: Do you carry the feeling that this spring for the quarterbacks is more about instruction and learning what the offense is and then there's more competition that'll come in August? Do you look at it that way?

AJ: No, there's always competition and there's always instruction. So there's a happy medium in between the two. You're always competitive with the guys behind you and in front of you. You're always trying to get a spot when you're out there and just going as hard as you can. At the same time with the offense, you're trying to learn that and they're trying to teach us what to do since all of us are young. I'm still trying to learn as much as I can because I know I'm not where Zach was a year ago.

BL: Compare your strengths and skillset to Brandon's.

AJ: I think that he throws the ball well. I think he can run the ball as well. He's a smart young guy, so I feel we compare in a lot of ways and have a lot of similarities. He's a great physical specimen, and he's also a learner in the classroom.


As a bonus here are three HD practice videos of Jennings and the rest of LSU's quarterbacks in action this spring.

Included are clips of Jennings running the starters through a no-huddle two-minute drill, the quarterbacks running the read-option and then the QBs throwing fade routes.

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