LSU Draft Questions, Part Two

Continuing his search for answers to the biggest LSU-based NFL Draft questions, TSD publisher Ben Love asks today: Will Odell Beckham or Jarvis Landry have the better pro career and why? Three seasoned NFL reporters weigh in.

The 2014 NFL Draft kicks off Thursday night, but before all the hoopla TSD is getting answers to three of the biggest questions from an LSU perspective.

Yesterday we examined the impact of flagged drug tests on former Tigers Anthony Johnson and Zach Mettenberger.

Today three veteran NFL analysts from the SCOUT network share their two cents on another LSU-based draft debate.

Jarvis Landry vs. Odell Beckham

Aaron Wilson of, Bill Huber of and Tim Yotter of break down which former LSU receiver has the higher draft stock and appeal to NFL franchises currently and which they expect will author the better pro career.

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Aaron Wilson,

I like Odell right now. It's tough to pass on really electric ability after the catch. He's so elusive and had a really explosive Pro Day with a lot of people there. I don't think he gets past the New York Jets (at No. 18), and I could even see him going a little higher.

With Landry, I'm such a fan of his tape, and then you watch him (at the Combine) and he doesn't do it for you. He reminds a little bit of Hines Ward in that vein where he plays a lot better than he would work out for you. I think he'll be a productive player, a move-the-chains type of guy.

Remember Anquan Boldin ran a 4.7 coming out of Florida State. I think this guy (Landry) has some of that competitiveness and strength. He'll be a good NFL pro, maybe not a star player, but I think he'll be a role player in the league for a lot of years. But I think Beckham has potential Pro Bowl ability. I see kind of a separation between those guys at the NFL level.

Bill Huber,

Yeah, it's Beckham by a mile in who's going to be selected first. For all of the Packers' defensive problems, I wouldn't be surprised if they took a swing at him in the first round. You've got to love the big-play ability and his added value as a kick returner.

Will Landry prove his critics wrong on the next level?

The NFL's head scout, Dave-Te' Thomas, has provided most of SCOUT's predraft content. He said Landry is "doing one of the bigger falls on draft boards" among the receivers. He might go in the second round; he might go in the fourth. You've got to love his production but it's going to be tough for a 6-foot receiver to have sustained success in the NFL with a 4.58 in the 40 and just a 28.5-inch vertical jump.

Then again — and pardon another Packers spin but that's all I know — he's got some of the same traits as James Jones, a third-round pick in 2007 who's had a heck of a career because he can get open, catch the ball and break a tackle.

Tim Yotter,

I think Beckham will fare better. NFL teams are always looking for that downfield receiver with speed. I think he showed a lot at the Combine and had a good workout at his Pro Day. A lot of it's going to come down to film study obviously.

I think he's probably going to end up second half of the first round, somewhere in there. So I think he's got at least a better initial prospect than Landry. Then, once you get that first contract signed, it's all about proving yourself. Maybe Landry ends up having a better career. Initially, though, I think it's going to be Beckham who's got the higher value for teams.

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