Slimmer ER3 ready for LSU

TSD publisher Ben Love caught up with LSU signee Elbert Robinson III. The 7-foot-1 lefty discussed his offseason conditioning, how he fits in with Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey and what he wants to do in life after basketball.

I had the chance to speak with LSU basketball signee Elbert Robinson III recently.

What follows are a string of quotes from the 7-foot-1 lefty center, who reported to be around 290 pounds. Robinson, a native of Garland Tex., also opened up on his offseason conditioning program, when he'll report to LSU and what he wants to do in his life after basketball.


On his recent conditioning work ...

"I've been running the track, running stairs and getting in the gym with a couple of guys who are going to college, too. We've just been working on our skills ... (I've been working with) two of my guards, Charles Beauregard and Cameron Hardy. Cameron is going to an NAIA school in Oklahoma, and Charles is going to Tarleton State."

Has LSU sent him an offseason workout program?

"Oh yeah, they have. It's a lot of conditioning, staying loose and stretching, but it's mostly conditioning."

On his current weight and playing weight ...

"I'm still around the same 290. The coaches said (they eventually want me) around like 270-280."

His reaction to Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey returning?

"It's exciting. I know they'll teach me a lot, just helping me with my game and telling me what I need to do and how I need to do it. And I'm going to follow their lead. They both had a pretty good freshman campaign."

On how he fits in on the court with those two ...

"We fit in well. Jordan, he can play in the high post and shoot the mid-range jumper, and I'm a low-post player. So we can have a little high-low game working. Then Jarell, he can flash, and I'm a good passer so any time he cuts down I'll be looking for him."

On what he knows about Josh Gray ...

"One of my former high school teammates and AAU teammates (G Toddrick Gotcher) plays for Texas Tech right now, so I watched him (Gray) a couple of times when he was there. All I know is that he can score very well. He's a big-time scorer and he can shoot it. We're going to need that. We didn't have that this past season at LSU – a big-time shooter."

On his relationship with Aaron Epps ...

"We text all the time. We are real close. I think he should be back for the season."

When does he report to campus?

"I think the day after graduation, June 8, and then I start class June 9."

On his major and what he wants in life after basketball ...

"I'm going to do sports medicine. I want to become a coach after my playing career ... I like helping other people out. Just watching Johnny Jones coach and Coach K and Coach Calipari, they really inspired me. It looks like it's a fun job."

What else excites him about getting to Baton Rouge?

"I'm looking forward to the school spirit and then being coached by Johnny Jones. I know he can help me because he was on the coaching staff when Shaq was there, so he can teach me a few things to help me improve my game. Then on the academic side, I'm ready for that challenge, too."

**One final note: Robinson says he'll room with Epps and point guard Jalyn Patterson this year.

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