Q & A: Ben Simmons, Part Two

The second portion of Ben Love's Q&A with 2015 LSU commit Ben Simmons dives into his feelings on the one-and-done rule possibly being changed, recruiting for the Tigers and playing for the Australian national team.

TSD publisher Ben Love went one-on-one with one of the biggest names in LSU recruiting, 2015 men's hoops signee Ben Simmons.

CLICK HERE for the first portion of the Q&A, in which Simmons shares why he chose the Tigers, how he's adjusting to American life and his relationship with LSU assistant David Patrick.

In part two of the conversation, below, Simmmons discusses more, including helping recruiting for LSU, the one-and-done rule and how playing for the Australian national team has helped his game.


BL: Describe your strengths on a basketball court.

BS: Playing inside-outside with the outside shot and posting up. Then, my ball-handling and my size.

BL: You've got big hands, too. How has that helped you on the floor and has it changed the way you approach the game?

BS: Definitely, it affects everything – rebounding, blocking shots, dribbling the ball. (After a follow-up question) No, I've never had my hands measured. No idea what my glove size is.

BL: The experience that guys like you and Dante Exum have had playing on a national team and doing stuff like that at a younger age, how has that helped you better your game?

BS: You play against the best players in the country, against guys older than you. So all the sudden you're playing against Patty Mills, Aron Baynes, Joe Ingles. You get to go up against guys who are already in that category of the best players in the world. It's been really good for me and my development. I can learn a lot from Patty and Aron and Joe from what they've been through. It'll continue to help me a lot, definitely.

BL: If the NBA goes to a two-year rule for players entering college prior to your arrival, what are your thoughts on that – possibly being at LSU for two years and continuing to develop?

BS: It's kinda silly because MLB has a different rule, the NFL has a different rule. Everyone has different rules, so I guess if it's a rule, it's a rule, and you've got to go by it. I mean if I'm there for one year or two years or four years, it doesn't matter to me. I'll just kinda go with it.

BL: A couple of your E1T1 teammates, Alex Owens and Antonio Blakeney, are being recruited by LSU. Do you think you'll be able to convince some of those guys to come over with you? And do you even try to?

BS: Definitely, I think I can. I mean it's ultimately their decision, but I love playing with Alex and Antonio. So it could happen. It's a possibility, and I think a strong possibility.

BL: Another guy you've played with, at Montverde, is (LSU signee) Jalyn Patterson. How excited are you to watch him in purple and gold next year?

BS: I can't wait because I played with him this year, so it's going to be something definitely telling with the competition level and how he does. I'm looking forward to watching him.

BL: When you have your first game at LSU, and you take the floor at the PMAC, what you will be most excited about?

BS: It's finally there – my first game as a college athlete. Hopefully I can play well and we can do big things at LSU.

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