Q & A: Jalyn Patterson

TSD's Ben Love went one-on-one with LSU freshman guard Jalyn Patterson, who discussed where he fits in on the court, his relationship with Ben Simmons and first impressions of new assistant Eric Musselman.

I caught up with LSU freshman guard Jalyn Patterson yesterday, and the Montverde Academy product spoke about a number of topics, including recovery from offseason knee surgery, his connection with Ben Simmons and more.

There's also a fantastic anecdote about fellow freshman Elbert Robinson and his living situation on campus.

It's all below in the following Q&A.

Ben Love: What's it been like so far, getting to campus and getting adjusted?

Jalyn Patterson: It's been great, just getting the feel of things, going to classes and working out. It's been good.

BL: Have you been able to play in open court yet with the guys and if so what's that been like?

JP: Well unfortunately I've been out for a couple of weeks. I had a little minor knee surgery. I'm scheduled to get tested this weekend to see if I can get released to play. So it's all been good. I've just been doing therapy, and I should be back really soon.

BL: When did you have the procedure?

JP: I had it in May, I think May 5. It was a little arthroscopic surgery, just a little clean-up. It was nothing too major. I'll be back soon.

BL: What was your workout schedule like this spring and early summer before the surgery?

JP: Just working out every day with my trainer in Atlanta. I was working on a lot of things for my position – defense, pick-and-rolls, things like that. I was just working, trying to get ready for the next level.

BL: Do you get the sense you'll end up playing more of the one or two at LSU?

JP: Both. Most likely both. (Follow-up question on if either is more natural) I just play basketball. Whatever coach thinks is best for me and wherever he sees me at on the court, I just go out there and do it.

BL: These other freshmen out here, Aaron Epps and Elbert Robinson, what have you gotten to know about them so far?

JP: They're characters. They're funny, man. We hang out all the time since we're the only three freshmen and everybody else is upperclassmen. We just hang and work out really.

BL: Are the three of you rooming together?

JP: Elbert and Aaron are rooming together. I'm probably going to get in a room with them in the fall, but right now Elbert's too big and they're having to put two beds together for him. In the fall we'll definitely be roommates and find a way to make it work.

BL: How much communication do you maintain with Ben Simmons?

JP: I talked to him the other day. He's doing well. He told me he was back in Australia. But he says all the time he's still looking forward to coming here. That's good.

BL: What's your impression of the coaching staff? And have you had a chance to meet with Coach [Eric] Musselman?

JP: Yeah, we met him at a team cookout we had. He's a cool dude, real nice. The next day we were working out in the gym. The coaches, they're good. They've been real nice, looking out for you and texting you all the time to do this and do that. They stay on top of things.

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