Good news for LSU as deadline passes

The deadline has passed, and LSU's prized signee Mac Marshall did not sign with the Houston Astros.

The LSU baseball staff can breathe a sigh of relief as prized signee Mac Marshall will suit up for the Tigers this season.

The deadline for MLB Draft picks to sign with their respective clubs passed Friday at 4 p.m., and Marshall did not reach a deal with the Astros. In fact, the Astros failed to sign not only Marshall, but fifth-round pick Jacob Nix and first overall pick Brady Aiken as well.

The Tigers were sweating the last week before Friday's deadline. Reports surfaced that the Astros were trying to work out a lesser deal with Aiken amidst concerns about a ligament issue in his elbow. That would have freed the Astros to make a legitimate offer to Marshall, with sources claiming he would've accepted a deal in the range of $1.5-1.6 million.

But that all rested on the Astros' ability to sign Aiken, which they failed to do, according to multiple national reports.

A source on the LSU side said it was "hard to believe" that the Astros wouldn't sign their first overall pick. It's now only happened three times, and this marks the first time since 1983.

But the Astros' failure brings spoils to LSU as they retain their top signee from a highly touted 2014 signing class. Marshall, a left-handed pitcher, has a fastball that touches 94 mph and he'll have a real chance to make the weekend rotation as a freshman.

Marshall was one of six high school pitchers LSU signed in 2014, three of which were taken in the draft. LSU retained all of them, plus JUCO reliever Colin Strall as the Tigers look to restock their pitching staff.

The full class will be introduced at a press conference on Monday.

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