Culling time coming for Lott

Byrd standout Chad Lott has plenty on his mind these days. The 2015 three-star guard tells TSD about his plans to sign and when he'll make his next announcement.

Not far removed from the end of a busy summer schedule, 2015 three-star guard Chad Lott (C.E. Byrd/Shreveport) is taking a little time to rest and prepare for his senior season.

For one thing the 6-foot-2, 175-pound perimeter player could use some downtime on a sore knee that’s given him problems ever since the tail end of his junior season. Lott told TSD that he definitely played through some pain this summer with Nike Team Louisiana of the EYBL, but that things have continued to head in the right direction.

“I’m at about 90% now. At the beginning of the EYBL circuit I might’ve been at about 50-60%,” Lott speculated. “My knee was hurting every game, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to play on the EYBL circuit again. I have taken the last week or so to recover a little bit, so right now I’m rested and getting ready for my high school season. Hopefully by then I’ll be 100%, and I’ll just go.”

Of course a few moments off the court and off the road also afford Lott the chance to make more sense of his impeding college decision.

Lott, who’s already logged a 21 on the ACT but plans to take it again “for my own conscience,” has decided recently he’ll sign in the early signing period in November.

“Oh yeah, I most definitely want to sign (in the early period),” said Lott. “I don’t want anything to interfere with my high school season. I want to know where I’m going. I want to know who I’m rooting for in the tournament. I’ll most definitely sign early. It’s a distraction, and I don’t want to be distracted at all this season.”

The North Louisiana standout has over 20 offers to choose from, on top of interest from numerous others, and he intends to take the next few days to trim his list. “I’ll have it official this next week,” Lott explained.

Before this summer Lott reported that LSU, SMU and Creighton were coming after him the hardest. Now, several months later, the player indicates the same three are in contact often, joined by a few other schools that have made a hard push this summer – UNLV, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Texas Tech and Houston (with the last two having extended offers).

Asked where he stands with LSU, Lott responded, “They have a lot going on right now, I know, because of the transfers and what not, but I’ve talked to Coach Jones. I still talk with Coach Jones. So everything’s still pretty hot there.”

Lott went on to say he has no preference when it comes to conferences at the next level. He’s much more interested in style of play.

“I don’t necessarily go off of conferences,” continued Lott. “I feel like it’s just about playing a certain style, regardless of what conference I’m in. It more so matters how the system is than the school in that respect. So I feel like if it’s the right team and the right fit, I can play in any conference.”

While he does have plenty on his mind during this brief time off, Lott insisted what he’s most looking forward to is trying to lead the Yellow Jackets to a state championship, something he figures can change the reputation of his high school’s athletic department.

“Aside from winning state, I want this to be a team that’s remembered at Byrd. We’re generally good at football, a football high school,” leveled Lott. “I just want the program to change to be known for basketball, too. For me personally I just plan to be a leader of this team and play my best basketball this year.”

***TSD will continue to track Lott’s recruitment and will post his trimmed list as soon as it’s available.

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