Will Thomas return after all?

Junior defensive tackle Quentin Thomas tells TSD his season may not be over just yet. Come inside for the latest details ...

Since reports surfaced midday Friday about a potentially season-ending injury to projected starting defensive tackle Quentin Thomas, there’s been a parade of well-wishers for the redshirt junior as well as forward-thinkers to what’s next at an already thin position.

Coordinator John Chavis joined both groups Sunday at LSU Media Day, expressing contrition for Thomas and a next-man-up mentality when it comes to his replacement.

“You have holes that you have to fill,” Chavis told members of the media. “Sometimes they’re unexpected, but the next guy gets ready to go. We’ve got several guys that can be the next guy. We’ll get the next guy ready to go and go play. It’s unfortunate for Quentin, I really feel for him. But we can’t look back. We have to look forward and move on.”

But, as Thomas – a surprise attendee to Sunday’s event – indicated, those putting a fork in his 2014 season may be premature.

The Breaux Bridge native, who reportedly tore his bicep at practice Wednesday, informed TSD he’s seeking a second opinion and intends to begin some form of a rehab process this coming week.

“I’m going to try to work back into things this week just to see where I’m at physically,” Thomas explained. “I plan to just work in the training room with the staff that we have. They’re pretty advanced in there, so I don’t have to go far to get the best care. We have team doctors come in and look at me, and they’ll tell me where I’m at as far as getting back on the field.”

Thomas refused to dive into the specifics of his injury, stating that’s for coach Les Miles to discuss, but he did seem to scoff at the notion that he’ll be out for the season.

Some whispers around the indoor practice facility even had Thomas possibly being ready for the Wisconsin opener. He wasn’t ready to go that far, but the 6-foot-4, 303-pounder believes he’ll be back this fall. It’s something Thomas has been telling himself ever since the moment he sustained the injury on Wednesday.

“Oh yeah (I’ll be back this season),” Thomas said confidently. “Ever since the injury I told myself I’d be back out there, and I’m sticking to that. I believe I can do it.”

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