Q & A: Jamal Adams

LSU freshman safety Jamal Adams has been one of the hot names early in Fall Camp. The Texas native talked making the transition to college with TSD as well as where he's already lined up defensively in practice.

Through one week of Fall Camp practices it’s been hard not to notice freshman safety Jamal Adams.

While the media has certainly taken notice of his smooth game, so too have the LSU coaches. As Adams (6-0, 206) told TSD Sunday at Media Day, he’s already been working out in various nickel, dime and Mustang sets defensively while also being told he’ll feature on multiple special teams units.

Check out all the latest from one of the Tigers’ top freshmen in this HD video followed by a full transcript of the interview.


Ben Love: You’ve had a week of practice now. What’s the adjustment been like getting used to college and the college speed?

Jamal Adams: I would say it’s definitely a different thing from high school. It’s definitely a little bit faster, but just getting the plays and checks and learning from the older guys, I think I’m doing well.

BL: Who have been some of those mentors that have kinda pushed you along the way so far?

JA: Really Ronald Martin, Tre [Tre’Davious White], Jalen Mills, all those guys in the secondary. Corey [Thompson] too. They’ve just been helping me and really I’m learning from those guys since they’ve been here for quite a long time.

BL: Did you have an expectation level for what all this was going to be like? And has it been kinda the same or different?

JA: I really think it’s going pretty smooth right now. I thought coming in would be a little bit faster in the game plan and what not and learning everything. But as time goes by I’m starting to pick up everything and learning day by day.

BL: Do you sense your one of those guys that could feature in nickel and dime sets with Jalen goes down into the box?

JA: Oh yes sir, I definitely can. I’m going to play wherever they want me to play. Chief is the man, and really I’m going to do whatever they ask me to do.

BL: Have you been put in any roles yet that have been new to you? Have you tried some of the nickel and dime stuff yourself?

JA: Yes sir, I have. I’ve been working both of them. I’ve worked both of those, and I love coming off that edge just like Tyrann Mathieu did and [Ron] Brooks. I love coming off that edge, going after the quarterback, dropping hooks and helping my team out.

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