MILES: No separation of the Quarterbacks

LSU wrapped up another preseason scrimmage Tuesday, and Les Miles provided an update as the quarterbacks continue to battle for the starting gig.

LSU conducted another scrimmage Tuesday, and Les Miles met with the media afterward to provide an update on the Tigers.

Miles said the offense had a big day as LSU starts to interweave some of the Wisconsin gameplan into their preparation. Miles added that he sees "no separation" between the quarterbacks as both continue battling for the starting gig.

"Thee QBs are playing well," Miles said. "I don't know that there's been separation from one to the other. Both provided a very high level of execution today."

Miles also said that because both LSU and Wisconsin share such a similar style that it's made it easier to sample their gameplan during these scrimmages.

"We were able to accommodate both offense and defense to some extent exactly what Wisconsin would be like," Miles said. "Our defense has the ability to mimic their defense, and our offense certainly is very similar."

For more on what Miles had to say, including an update on Travonte Valentine's status and Quentin Thomas' health, head to the free TSD Message Board for the rest of notes and quotes from his post-practice press conference.

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