Travonte Valentine continues to wait

LSU defensive tackle signee Travonte Valentine still hasn't been cleared to join the team, now waiting for the SEC to make a ruling on his case.

It seemed like Travonte Valentine's long summer had finally come to an end Monday when he received clearance from the NCAA.

But the LSU signee continues to wait.

Valentine has since been admitted to the University since passing through the NCAA Eligibility Center, but now the holdup appears to be with the SEC. There are strong indications that an SEC assistant coach lodged a complaint regarding Valentine's transcript — though nothing concrete has yet been confirmed — which has caused this most recent holdup.

The SEC must now investigate the issue and make a ruling before Valentine can be cleared to practice with the team.

Valentine's high school coach Mike Tunsil said Friday afternoon that he and his former player remain baffled by the entire situation and frustration has understandably started to build. LSU has maintained consistent contact with Valentine and his family, and they've tried to provide assurance that this will all clear.

Classes at LSU begin Monday, and Valentine is hopeful that he'll be allowed to report to campus before then. Because he was cleared by the NCAA, LSU can issue Valentine a previsionary waiver to start classes, but he won't be allowed to practice until the SEC makes a ruling.

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