Les Miles on SEC Teleconference

LSU's plans at quarterback remained a big focus as Les Miles appeared Wednesday on the weekly SEC Coaches' Teleconference. Here's the full transcript from his time with the media.

LSU coach Les Miles appeared for 10 minutes Wednesday on the weekly SEC Coaches' Teleconference.

In advance of the Tigers' season-opening tilt with Wisconsin, LSU's plans to use two quarterbacks remained a big focus. He also touched on his team's motivation before a high-profile game and their preparation for Melvin Gordon and the Wisconsin QBs.

Miles also provided an update on his defensive line, including one freshman that could see time at defensive tackle.

The full transcript is below:


Opening Statement:

"We’re looking forward to playing. Camp was productive. We had a very quality camp, developed the team and we’re looking forward to seeing how we’ll play. We enjoy starting the season in Houston. We feel like it’s a great place for us, a lot of alumni. We enjoy the fact we’re playing in an NFL venue in the Houston Texans’ home. We’re challenged by a very good Wisconsin team, and our guys are looking forward to it. We’re practicing hard and looking to finish a game plan and game week."

On how he felt before the season with great teams in the past...

“For instance, Matt Flynn was in his first year of starting and you realized you had a really good quarterback that had a great summer of leadership. He needed to come to play and we needed to see what his season would be like. Not only at the QB position, but in all three phases, there’s always a piece, whether it’s personnel concern or a strategy style that has to come together, it always is that way. I felt like we’ve had really good teams and prepared well. A great season came together when those concerns you had faded away and the development of the team continued in spite of strengths or weaknesses that were perceived going into the season.”

On opening the season against a quality opponent on a neutral site...

“Great motivator. You recognize that this is a tremendous team. It’s a team that’s used to wining. You’re going to be tested. That motivates a football team to prepare in the spring and summer and certainly game week. That’s happened. We’re a better team because there’s a great challenge at the start of the season.”

On how he'll utilize both quarterbacks...

“There is a plan. We’re going to do those things that we feel like will benefit both quarterbacks and play them appropriately. It’s not something without conception. We understand it but it’s not something I’ll reveal. There’s not tremendous magic to it. We like both guys, both will play.”

On preparing for both Wisconsin quarterbacks...

“We recognize that Stave is their starter from a year ago. You see him on film and realize he can really throw it. You prepare for that piece. Then you recognize that McEvoy is the athlete, watch his spring game and you recognize he has real athleticism. We’re prepared for both styles and looking forward to adjusting to whichever guy they play.”

On Melvin Gordon...

“He’s one of those guys that gives you a concern because he’s a big strong physical back that can make you miss. You’re going to have to tackle well. Tackling is what you do on defense and it’s the first thing you do. It’s tremendously important in this game. We have to tackle well. He presents a quality back. He’s a back that has had a lot of experience in these style of games as well.”

On LSU's defensive line...

“The good news is we’re very healthy. Quentin Thomas has played the entire time. Christian Lacouture certainly has as well. Both veteran defensive ends are there and the backups have really pursued playing time. We’re in great shape on the defensive line. The guy that’s playing really well is Davon Godchaux as a freshman. Him and Frank Herron and a number of guys will have an opportunity to play. We’re fresh."

More on LSU's two quarterbacks...

“There’s not a great separation in the two. Were confident with both. We’re looking at those things each guys does extremely well. We like the duality of it at this point. If a guy handles and separates himself from the other over time, it’ll be obvious for all, we’ll certainly give him the nod. He’ll be our starter. But at this point, we’re going to play two and we’re confident in both.”

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