Travonte Valentine practicing with LSU

2014 signee Travonte Valentine still awaits clearance from the SEC, but Les Miles said Monday that he's already practicing with the team.

Travonte Valentine still awaits final clearance from the SEC, but LSU coach Les Miles said Tuesday that the 2014 signee has already started practicing with the team.

Valentine has already been cleared by the NCAA Eligiblity Center, but the conference is making a secondary review before Valentine is eligible to take the field for the Tigers. Miles said that Valentine is allowed to take classes and practice in the meantime.

"The NCAA said this man is eligible, period," Miles said. "So what has to happen is there's a series of questions the conference is asking. In my mind, it's the first time in my career as a head coach that this is type of secondary review has taken place."

Miles said the SEC is asking for "further documentation" from Valentine's high school, Champagnat Catholic School in the Miami area. Miles said they've been in touch with the administrators from Valentine's high school with hopes that process will be completed soon.

"It's just a difficult thing to get accomplished," Miles said. "We're trying to get those administrators at his high school to basically send in the material they have, and hopefully they can get that done.

The good news for Valentine is that he's been able to take the practice field with his teammates. That'll help catch him up to speed, but until the conference makes a final ruling, his impact will be limited to practice.

"He practiced with us last week, and really did very nicely," Miles said. "He can't play in games, but he's eligible to practice and go to school, until we get these things cleared up. Because we'd like to get him on the field and ready to play."

Valentine's counterpart on the offensive line, Ethan Pocic, offered up his initial impressions of the big defensive tackle.

"He's a big kid," Pocic said. "He can move. He looks pretty good out there...It's pretty hard to do [getting on the field], but nothing's impossible. So we'll just have to wait and see."

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