Les Miles on SEC Teleconference

Les Miles appearance on the weekly SEC Coaches' teleconference focused on expectations for Leoanrd Fournette, Anthony Jennings' development and moving on from an emotional season opener.

LSU coach Les Miles made his weekly appearance Wednesday on the SEC Coaches' media teleconference. He talked about his team moving on from an emotional opener, expectations for Leonard Fournette and much more on the Tigers.

The full transcript is below:

Opening Statement

“The team is working hard to improve. It didn’t feel like our opening Saturday was exactly the way we wanted it. We recognize we played a very capable Wisconsin team, but frankly we need to erase some of those mistakes that were made in the first half and focus on how we finished. That should be how we start. Our team understands that and we’re looking forward to a very talented Sam Houston State team and recognize they can move the football, and that they have an athletic defense. We’re looking forward to playing in Tiger Stadium in what will be our home opener.”

On expectations for Leonard Fournette...

“I think he did great. His first game should not be compared with his 30th game. The expectations are unrealistic. Can you imagine someone commenting on your first game as a true freshman? To say it was anything other than exactly what we needed, that’s a mistake. We needed for him to come in and contribute, which he did. He’ll contribute more and more and better and better as we move forward. He should recognize that. Anybody that expected more from him than exactly how he played had unrealistic expectations.”

On Kenny Hilliard's performance...

“Kenny’s a veteran back, been in a number of situations in his career. He’s a guy that you know what to expect from him. He’s going to hit the holes. He’s somebody you can turn to in a number of situations and tell him ‘Kenny, let’s go get them.’ With his leadership, you would expect that type of play that he gave us.”

On the benefits of getting a comeback victory in the season opener...

“It’s a characteristic that continues to build. We are a program that talks about playing in tight games and recognizing being in that position, how important it is that you don’t do anything other than what is your best effort and execution. The most positive of all is that characteristic being called upon again. It’s something that goes on through the year. For us to do the things we want to do, to point at the future that we want, the ambition of this team, we’re going to play in tight games down the stretch in the fourth quarter and we’ll have to play at a high level of execution in those tight games. This was a test. Should we have flinched or faltered, it could have easily been a different outcome.”

On Anthony Jennings' performance...

“He got comfortable. He recognized there are some things we need to do and don’t do. He did by and large what we asked him to do and did it very well. If he can build on that, he can expect to play better and better.”

On coming down from the Wisconsin victory and preparing for Sam Houston State...

“They recognize they’re playing a completely different team. This next opponent is a specific challenge different than Wisconsin. They have to recognize, and I think they are, that they need to accomplish yet another game plan that’s specific to our opponent. It’s something we have to go on from. No one’s talking about what we did last week. It’s all about improvement and making sure all the bases are touched, that we’re positioned to handle a different challenge.”

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