MILES: More "bear down" from LSU this week

Read what Les Miles had to say about LSU's approach to practice this week, the latest at quarterback and why the SEC East is looking up at the Western Division.

Les Miles took his weekly turn at the SEC Teleconference Wednesday morning.

LSU's coach made note that the Tigers have a different attitude this week following a 34-29 loss to Mississippi State.

"We enjoy victory as much as any program in America," said Miles. "Our guys have to recognize that comes with great preparation and hard work. There's a little more 'bear down.' It's not necessarily as fun."

He also shared his thoughts on the situation at quarterback, what went wrong versus the Bulldogs and why one side of the conference is currently stronger than the other.

Here is a transcript of the rest of Miles' most relevant comments.

Opening Statement

"We've kinda taken this week to certainly study our opponent and be prepared, but to work one-on-one and spend some more time in technique and improving our team. I think our guys have taken to those practices and enjoyed that."

On QB Brandon Harris ...

"I think he's coming and improving regularly. The important piece is being able to function all the required pieces of the quarterback spot. I think that's coming for him and that he has a great future at that position. I would have to think he'll see some playing time more off his advancement. I think Anthony Jennings is a guy who's recognizing he needs to improve. These are both young quarterbacks, and I can't imagine they won't both take strides.

"They're both competing, and that's what we want. We'll play in a like fashion as we have in the past, but I'll also say that Brandon Harris will get a little more playing time."

Problems of scheme or execution vs. MSU?

"Lack of execution. And our opponent played very well. Let's tell it like it is and give Mississippi State credit. Ol' Mullen had them ready to play. But the things we can fix, we'd like to have fixed."

On the SEC West being stronger than the East ...

"It revolves. It kinda changes with time. I can tell you this I-10 corridor, there are a lot of good players down here. That's certainly one spot. I just think there's great competition on this side of the conference, and it seems to improve year after year."

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