LSU Football Recruiting Confidence Levels

The TSD Confidence Levels are back. These ratings should give you a feel for LSU's chances at landing each one of its top targets.

The TSD Confidence Levels are back for another edition as we enter the second month of the college football season. We’ll run this piece on the first Friday of each month all the way until National Signing Day.

Using a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest, TSD’s Hunter Paniagua will clue you in with his feelings on each prospect's recruitment.

These numbers aren't just coming out of thin air either. Based on rumblings we've gotten from both the players and LSU staff, these confidence levels should reflect how the Tigers feel at this point.

We’re doing things a big differently this month. The confidence levels themselves are now free. The explanation behind them though is still exclusive to premium members. You can click here for the latest scoop for each prospect that explains the various ratings.

Below are the confidence levels on LSU's top nine targets.

Last month's ratings are in (parenthesis)
FA = First appearance


WR Tyron Johnson – 7.0 (6.5)

WR Kirk Merritt – 0.5 (1.5)

CB Donte Jackson – 5.0 (5.5)

CB Deshawn Raymond – 7.0 (7.5)

DE Kyle Phillips – 2.5 (6.0)

CB Kendall Sheffield – 3.5 (3.5)

WR DaMarkus Lodge – 2.5 (FA)

OT Jerry Tillery (Notre Dame commit) – 3.5 (FA)

WR Daylon Charlot (Alabama commit) – 2.5 (FA)

Premium members can get the explanation behind the ratings by clicking the link below. That'll provide all the latest scoop on each recruitment for some insight on how we arrived at these confidence levels.



Not all of LSU’s remaining targets are included in this batch of confidence levels. There are still several recruits that have visited LSU recently or plan to visit soon, but we aren’t quite ready to assign them a value. We’ll keep a close eye on these names through the fall to gauge how legitimate their interest is in LSU: Justin Martin, Iman Marshall, Zach Robertson, Matthew Burrell, Devonaire Clarington, CeCe Jefferson, Holton Hill, Darius Slayton.


LSU has been working hard to flip prospects committed elsewhere. Aside from the two mentioned above, we don’t typically assign confidence levels to these potential flips. But we will be keeping a close eye on these recruits to gauge their interest in LSU: Ugo Amadi, Arden Key, Rasool Clemons, Dylan Jackson, William Sweet.

Flips work both ways though. Other schools are still heavily recruiting LSU fans. We won’t assign confidence levels for them either, as we’re confident the Tigers can hold on to these names. But we will monitor them closely as they take visits elsewhere: Nicholas Brossette, Matt Womack, Kevin Toliver.

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