INTRO: 2017 PG Lamont Berzat

Lamont Berzat is set to take over as the starting point guard for Landry-Walker, one of Louisiana's top programs with a stacked lineup this season. Get to know the short, but lightning-quick player in this video interview with TSD.

Fair or not, there are some players more fun to watch on the court than others.

When you watch 2017 Landry-Walker point guard Lamont Berzat do his thing, it’s impossible not to be entertained. Almost always the shortest guy out there, Berzat (5-6, 141) carries himself in a Tyrann Mathieu-like fashion, which is to say much bigger than his size would first indicate. And, like Mathieu, he also doesn’t mind letting you know about it.

Berzat is poised to take the reins of a stacked Landry-Walker team coming off a Class 4A state title. He’ll take the mantle from former Chargin’ Bucs point guard Tyree Griffin, now with Oklahoma State. It’s a challenge Berzat is looking forward to, particularly after having to sit out a transfer season a year ago.

The blur of a player turned heads at the 2014 Combine in the Capital, finishing first in his class in the agility drill, with a time of 10.71 seconds. Berzat also competed up on Sunday, getting some time in against older point guards Corey Davis and Skylar Mays, among others.

When it comes to recruiting Berzat is yet to pick up an offer, but the player who hasn’t even suited up for Landry-Walker in an official game is already hearing from Oral Roberts, Tulane, West Virginia, Vanderbilt and Arizona.

He shared some perspective with TSD on what factors he’ll consider when it comes time to make a collegiate decision.

“It doesn’t matter where I go. It doesn’t have to be at home,” Berzat explained. “It’s about whatever team I choose, who are they going to sign? Are they going to sign another point guard that’s just like me? Another one that may be better, or same as me, or that I’m better than?

“It’s just important that when I go to college I compete every play, every practice. Because I know it doesn’t matter about size or height. It’s all about the heart, and that’s all I have is heart.”

Watch the video interview below with Berzat to get to know the 2017 point guard.

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