Miles sat down with LSU defensive Chief

LSU's defense conceded 566 yards in a loss at Auburn Saturday. The day after Les Miles sat down with defensive coordinator John Chavis. Miles discussed the contents of that conversation on Monday.

Since bringing in John Chavis to overhaul LSU's defense in 2009, it's been few and far between that Les Miles has poked his head into the happenings on that side of the ball.

But, after the Tigers gave up 570 yards versus Mississippi State and 566 yards at Auburn, Miles decided he needed to get involved in the conversation.

LSU's tenth-year head coach described the Sunday sit-down with Chavis during his weekly press luncheon on Monday.

"I met with Chief and the defensive staff, and we're kinda all in agreement with where we're headed there," explained Miles. "It's a very small shift. In certain instances there is a premium of one guy over the other, but I don't know that we're going to toss anybody to the side."

In Miles' opinion the alterations needed within the Tigers' struggling defense are technique-related.

"The impression that I had from the sideline was either confirmed or changed based on what exactly the call was, the technique that was played," Miles said. "I have to be honest with you, we're improved in the front. The linebackers flew around, and the secondary covered. There were tackles missed by speed but not by contact. It's very difficult to charge a guy with a missed tackle when he doesn't actually touch the guy.

"I looked at the effort and energy, and I kinda enjoyed parts of what I saw. I felt like the technical change could really make a difference, especially going against these spread offensive fronts."

Moreover Miles felt the biggest issue with the defense is too much time on the field, the byproduct of an offense that went 0-for-13 on third down at Auburn.

"If we get this offense moving the football, and we're really close, this defense has given great effort and energy," Miles continued. "If you want to see some quality effort, it's there."

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