Miles: LSU 'building' responding well

LSU coach Les Miles addressed the energy surrounding his program Wednesday during the SEC Coaches Teleconference. That and plenty more is inside, including his advice to Brandon Harris and recruiting tactics tied to early entrants to the NFL Draft.

LSU coach Les Miles addressed the media Wednesday morning during his weekly appearance on the SEC Coaches Teleconference.

Much of the conversation centered around how the Tigers are responding and rebounding from last week's 41-7 thumping at Auburn, the worst loss of the Miles era in Baton Rouge.

"They're certainly, we're all disappointed in the final score. I think there's a team that showed up unhappy (this week), certainly didn't enjoy the outcome," explained Miles. "But the building as a whole is one that's working hard and shining a light on all the things that can make us better and improve our team. That's where the energy is, and I think it's a positive energy."

Miles opened up on several additional topics of interest, including his advice to freshman quarterback Brandon Harris and if losing so many early entrants to the draft has changed his recruiting pitch.

Here is a transcript of the rest of Miles' most relevant comments.

Opening Statement

"The team's looking forward to playing a very quality opponent in the Swamp. A relatively healthy team is practicing hard here, we've got our heads down and we're working hard. I like how they've responded, and I'm looking forward to playing well at Florida."

On LSU's health ...

"I think we'll have everyone that played in the last game, so that's pretty healthy."

On what impresses him about Florida ...

"I like how they play defense. They run to the ball. They're a very physical group. They've got secondary guys that can cover and play very strong. Quality special teams. Offensively, a big back that can run the football. It appears to me they're very talented on the offensive side as well."

Has losing players early changed his recruiting tactics?

"The issue is the guys that you lose. If you can draft back from the NFL, allowing a college team that's entered 16 juniors into the draft the last two years, to draft at least four back would be enjoyable. But the recruiting part is you recruit guys who you think can step in and play

"Then if in fact you lose a quality running back in Jeremy Hill, then obviously you turn to a guy like Leonard Fournette and say 'You're the guy in this class who has an opportunity to step forward and play' ... It would stand to reason that if I had a more veteran piece there, you'd see them play a little bit more."

On timetable to name a starting quarterback ...

“The players know much more than you guys do. We’re good with that. We’re really playing both guys and giving both a lot of reps." (More on what his other offensive players know) “They’re seeing how the week’s unfolding ... Our guys are seeing the development and they understand how we’re playing them. When we make a decision, they’ll know.”

On his advice to Harris with the Swamp coming next ...

“It’s really a pretty simple recipe to be honest. It’s just run the plays that we ask you to run, clear your mind, relax. This environment is going to be there. It’s like you’re walking into a stadium that you can already visualize. Communication skills are going to be ones that you have to scream. It should be a comfort in that you already know it. Just relax and do the things that you’ve done all week."

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