Chad Lott impressed by the hype on LSU visit

A trip from Shreveport to Baton Rouge did wonders for three-star C.E. Byrd guard Chad Lott. He left not only "impressed" by the LSU experience but also with a basis of comparison for future visits. Read more inside at TSD.

C.E. Byrd (Shreveport) guard Chad Lott picked a fine weekend to take his first official visit.

LSU had a lot on tap, from the Bayou Madness event Friday evening featuring the men’s and women’s basketball teams to the gridiron Tigers thumping Kentucky 41-3 the following night inside a packed, and pleased, Death Valley.

Lott, a three-star prospect, had the opportunity to take it all in, and the sum total of the environments left an impression on him.

“What impressed me was how much energy there was from the students and from the fans when it comes to any sport,” Lott told TSD. “All the craziness out there.”

Hosted by sophomore forward Jordan Mickey, Lott spent time with the entire Tiger team and recalled how being in the stadium alongside all of them made him feel.

“I hung out with the guys a lot. What I like about them is they all hang out with each other. They’re always together. So Jordan was my host, but I was with the whole team mostly,” he continued. “I went to the game with them and sat near the student section. It was just exciting and kind of made me feel like I was part of the team.”

During his 48-hour stay Lott experienced more than just Tiger Stadium and the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. He, along with his mother and father, were exposed to the academic facilities and resources, while Lott also enjoyed a one-on-one sitdown with head coach Johnny Jones geared more toward on-court particulars.

“I talked to Coach Jones about positions and what help could I bring if I was to go there,” explained Lott. “He told me that he could run me as a combo-guard, a lot like I do in high school. He complimented me and said that I slash real well, and he likes how I attack and finish at the rim. He said I need to work on my outside shot, but he mainly said he’s looking for some guys that can make decisions as passers from the point and attack from the two as well. Those are the types of guys that he’s recruiting.”

On the academic side both Lott and his mother were impressed. “My mom is only worried about academics, so she was pretty enlightened on the fact that they have all of those resources,” he said. “So she was satisfied. And my pops, he’s not one to say his opinion on most things. He wants me to figure it out on my own.”

So just what did Lott take away from the trek to south Louisiana that he can compare on future visits?

“The hype. I mean the hype that they have for basketball and for other sports,” Lott relayed. “They’re also organized when it comes to academics as far as tutoring and as far as places you can go to get extra help or to get ahead academically before the season. They stressed that when I was out there.

“Baton Rouge is beautiful. They have a beautiful campus. There’s a lot to compare once I go to other schools.”

Lott’s next official visit will actually take place this coming weekend, when he’ll head over to Lubbock to experience all that Texas Tech has to offer.

He shared a few thoughts on what has attracted him to the Red Raiders and the things he plans to analyze following this weekend’s LSU visit.

“Coach Tubby [Smith] is a really good coach. He has a really good staff at Texas Tech, too,” Lott said. “I want to see all the resources they have and compare that part (to LSU) on an academic level and athletic level. What help can I get from them from the facilities is really what I’m looking for. I realized that at LSU – that the resources are there. You have the training 24 hours, you have the gym 24 hours and you have extra help if you need it with tutoring and what not. You have what you need there.”

Gone from Lott’s list of considered schools are UNLV, Houston and Creighton. He still prefers to sign in the early period next month, and Lott indicated he’s really only looking at LSU, Texas Tech and SMU, where there’s still “a little contact” and he may take a visit.

But Lott emphasized he doesn’t quite have all the information needed to make a decision yet. “I would need a little bit more time,” Lott joked when asked what would happen if he had to choose today.

What he does know is that LSU put a good foot forward and that, given the right circumstances, he could envision himself in the purple and gold one day.

“Yes, most definitely,” Lott responded. “I just have to compare it to other schools. But it impressed me. It definitely impressed me.”

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