Vadal Alexander feeling good, playing well

Could nagging injuries have been to blame for Vadal Alexander's early struggles? If they were, he's not suffering anymore, and his performance is reflecting that

The LSU offensive line came under fire through the first part of the season for its relatively poor performance compared to its lofty preseason expectations.

But that unit has turned things around in recent weeks, first showing glimpses of dominance in that loss to Auburn three weeks ago. In the wins against Florida and Kentucky, LSU ran for a combined 517 yards, 322 of which came this past weekend.

Vadal Alexander was one of the early scapegoats through the struggles. A three-year starter at left guard, Alexander was admittedly not living up to the standard he’d set through the first two years of his career.

But after Saturday’s game, Cam Cameron perhaps gave a reason for Alexander’s problems.

“We've been banged up a little bit,” Cameron said. “[Now], Vadal is probably as healthy as he's been.”

There were rumblings out of fall camp that Alexander was suffering from nagging injuries. It would certainly seem a factor in his poor play, but Alexander refuted the magnitude of any “knicks” through which he was playing.

"Everybody plays with a knick at this point in the season,” Alexander said. “Especially when you're an older guy, there are knicks here and there. But it's nothing major."

Alexander agreed with Cameron that he’s feeling “really good” at this point in the season. That clean bill of health has possibly contributed to his renewed success in recent weeks.

Alexander was named the SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week after a perfectly graded outing against Florida. He was also strong against Kentucky.

Though he doesn’t want to credit all of that to his health, he does admit it could be playing a part.

“That could be a good part of it, but it's also having a great coach like Coach [Jeff] Grimes,” Alexander said. “He's really helped us improve our technique, and that's starting to show itself now."

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