LSU not expecting 'Bad Bo' Wallace

Bo Wallace has mostly been at his best against LSU the last two seasons, and the Tigers are expecting that version of the Ole Miss quarterback to show up on Saturday

LSU has never really seen “Bad Bo Wallace.”

If you’re not familiar with “Bad Bo,” that’s the version of the Ole Miss quarterback that pops up from time to time. The one that makes bad decisions, throws interceptions and has become a joke amongst rival fan bases.

But “Bad Bo” hasn’t made an appearance this season, and “Good Bo” is more what LSU is used to.

In the last two seasons, Wallace has thrown for 656 yards against the Tigers, including 346 in that win a year ago. He did throw three interceptions in 2012, but he also threw a pair of touchdowns and had LSU on the ropes until Odell Beckham’s punt return in the fourth quarter.

Wallace has been a big key to the No. 3 Rebels’ success this season. He’s completed 65.6 percent of his passes this season for 1,899 yards. He’s thrown 17 touchdowns compared to six interceptions.

LSU recognizes that getting to Wallace will be absolutely vital if the defense is going to keep Ole Miss in check. TSD spoke with a handful of Tiger defenders to get their impression of Wallace and how they plan to stop him.



“It’s a challenge. Those guys got us last year. We gave up some big third downs, so that’s one thing we’ve been talking about a lot. We’ve got to improve there and get off the field on third down. We’ve got to come ready to play, and it’s going to be a dog fight, so we’ve got to be prepared.”

“He’s improved. He’s more of a leader for those guys out there. You can tell those guys rally around him now, much more than how they were last year. They’re more of a cohesive group. They’re a complete offense now. They do a lot of great things. We just have to study them and keep improving.”


“We’re just going to continue trying to put pressure on him, just like we’ve been doing these last couple games. We’ll try to keep him in the box because he can get out of the tackle box, and he’s really good with the ball in his hands.”

“The main thing is he’s faster than he looks. I learned I underestimated his speed. Now I know he’s a lot faster from that game last year, and knowing that will help me out this year.”


“I don’t know too much about last year, but from this year I can see he’s a very mobile guy. He can throw the ball well. He throws a back-shoulder throws. He’s just a good guy. I’m ready to compete against him.”

“He was making plays, getting extended time because he can move. He’s a mobile guy, and that’s what stood out.”


“He was picking us apart on third down. He was making excellent reads and picking our defense apart. He was making great decisions where to go with the ball. He was very confident in his receivers, and they were making big plays for him. We’ll try to limit that this year.”

“He was strong last year, and he’s pretty much the same guy. He’s a guy that can take off and run it — a quick, fast, big, physical guy. He’s good for his receivers. He puts the ball in the perfect place for them to make plays. He’s been doing that this year, and last year he did the same thing.”

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