Timing of bye week 'ideal' for Miles, LSU

Talking to reporters during Wednesday's SEC Coaches Teleconference, LSU's Les Miles said after nine straight game weekends the timing of the off week is "ideal" for the Tigers and him personally.

LSU head coach Les Miles made his weekly appearance on the SEC Coaches Teleconference Wednesday morning, and the topics of the day were the Tigers’ improvement and the much-needed open week.

“I think nine straight weekends and an opportunity to get fresh and really look at our offense, defense and special teams in terms of moderate adjustments, I think it’s exactly what we needed,” conceded Miles. “Yeah, for me personally, I think the timing is ideal.”

Here is a transcript of the rest of Miles' most relevant comments, including his take on where LSU has gotten better since the Auburn game and finishing 2014 on the right note.

Opening Statement

“Our football team continues to improve. They’re a group of men committed to working hard. They understand they’re not their best team yet, and they need to be. They come to work every day with a real quality attitude. I look forward to finishing this year with a very strong, capable team.”

On improvements since loss at Auburn ...

“I think we’re improving in some of the situations that the quarterbacks are handling. I think our defensive and offensive lines have improved. I think we’re really kind of ironing out some issues with our team. I think personnel is improving. I don’t know if that answers your question like you’d like, but I think it’s a broad-based improvement.”

On how his team responded to news of his mother’s passing ...

“This football team responded extremely well. That certainly added to my ability to deal with personal circumstance. I think there were extenuating circumstances as we went into the game, but again I was just very proud of how our football responded and played.”

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