Nick Saban on SEC Teleconference

In advance of Saturday night's showdown, Alabama coach Nick Saban provided injury updates on Cam Robinson and T.J. Yeldon. He also spoke to what it's like to coach from both sidelines in Tiger Stadium.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban took his turn on the weekly SEC Coaches Teleconference Wednesday morning, and his first order of business was updating the status of two key Crimson Tide offensive players heading into Saturday’s night’s game at LSU.

The injured players are junior running back T.J. Yeldon (foot) and freshman left tackle Cameron Robinson (high ankle sprain).

“Both guys are practicing. We feel like both guys could play in the game,” Saban told reporters. “I think T.J. probably for sure. Cam, we’re just kind of day-to-day on and we’ll see how his ankle responds to the increased workload (at practice).”

Here is a transcript of the rest of Saban’s most relevant comments, including his takes on the an improved Alabama running game lately, coaching from both sidelines in Tiger Stadium and the two teams’ quarterbacks.

Opening Statement

"We've had a good week so far. I think the players understand that this is always a big game for us. It's turned into a big rivalry game for us. I think that's because of the quality of the programs ... This game always has significance in terms of what both teams are trying to accomplish."

On prepping young/new QBs to play ...

"I think that the most important thing when it comes to the quarterback position is the ability to process information and make quick decisions. Some people can respond to that a little more quickly from an athletic intuition standpoint than somebody else ... But you always say that guy is an instinctive player. I think Blake Sims for instance is an instinctive player."

"That's one of the reasons that quarterback is a tough evaluation is because it's hard to figure that part out whether in the NFL or college or high school, and the guys who seem to play the position well seem to have that intuition."

On an improved rushing attack ...

“I just think we’ve done a better job of executing. We’re learned a little more about our team in terms of what we have to do to be effective to run the ball."

On Sims and Anthony Jennings persevering ...

“I do think Anthony Jennings is playing really, really well. Again, good decision maker and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. I think that’s one of the reasons they’ve played a lot better. In both cases both guys that had more time in the program had (a better grasp) on the expectations. That’s created great consistency for them.”

On his experiences in Tiger Stadium ...

“It’s kind of easy to have a good feel for it and a good perspective for it because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I have a tremendous amount of respect for their fans ... I think that’s what college football is all about. We certainly have a tremendous amount of respect for what you have to do to go in there and stay focused and not get caught up in something that’s really special in the environment in that stadium.”

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