Les Miles welcomes a cold-weather game

The forecast in Fayetteville Saturday calls for freezing weather with a great chance of snow. That's just fine by Les Miles.

Much has been made about the forecast for LSU's game at Arkansas Saturday night, especially from the warmer Louisiana side of things where "wintry mix" is more likely to be a list of things you put in gumbo this time of year.

According to Les Miles, it's just another part of the chess match that is finding a way to win in the Southeastern Conference.

"The enjoyable thing about games, it's always the situation of the game, it's never the specifics. In other words, if it's eight inches of snow and blowing like hell, what a great game to play in," Miles told reporters earlier this week. "If it's driving rain again it's an opportunity to recognize what you're going to have to do to win in that game. It's another criteria that you have to figure on and make work.

"I think our guys would look forward to playing in a cold-weather game and certainly need to. If they are not looking forward to it, they need to get that in their mind because there is a great chance that will happen."

Indeed there is. The latest projections for Fayetteville on Saturday show a high of 36 and a low of 28 with 70 percent chance of snow after noon and winds around 10-11 miles per hour.

Speaking Wednesday morning on the SEC Teleconference, Miles conceded there are parts of the game plan that have to be tweaked to accommodate what are very unfamiliar elements for this LSU team.

"The weather is what it is," said Miles. "When you get there you're going to have to make adjustments based on the things you're willing to do and you're not. We're both suited for a game with the possibility of what could be bad weather."

The former Michigan man, who also spent time on the Colorado staff, indicated he never really played or coached in a game where the weather was overbearing or a huge factor in the game.

In fact he suggested probably his coldest experience playing football was growing up as a kid in the backyard in Elyria, Ohio. His primary recollection of those days: "Having socks on my hands and playing in the snow and really just having a blast."

The advice Miles said he'll give his team isn't too dissimilar, just minus the socks and with a healthy reminder for those with NFL aspirations that this could be the future norm for current Tigers.

"First of all you put yourself in a position to be comfortable, and then you enjoy it. You’ve got to defeat the elements," Miles explained of the necessary mindset. "I think the guys kind of have a smile on their face figuring it will be cold. It’s a great experience. If you have a want to play in the next league, you better get ready because there’s Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo. You better be able to play wherever you have to strap it up.”

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