Josh Gray 'sacrificing a lot' in new role

LSU point guard Josh Gray gave TSD's Ben Love insight into what his transition has been like through six games with the Tigers. According to the JuCo transfer, it's involved a lot of sacrifice and playing a totally new part.

To say that this season hasn't gotten off to an ideal start would probably be an understatement for LSU point guard Josh Gray.

The Tigers are 4-2 through six games, including losses to Old Dominion and Clemson, and the junior transfer from Lake Charles is posting averages that are foreign to him, at least by the bar he set at Odessa College (Tx.) a season ago.

Gray led the JuCo ranks in 2013-14 with a robust 34.7-point scoring average. So far at LSU he's the fourth-leading scorer on his own team, putting in 10.7 points per game and recording 3.2 rebounds and 4.5 assists an outing.

That he would have to be more of a distributor is no shock to Gray, who acknowledged his changing role many times publicly in the offseason. But the reality seems to be setting in more so, particularly as the usually aggressive guard is averaging only 9.3 shot attempts.

"Me coming here from last year, I led the nation in scoring, and I've sacrificed my role," Gray told TSD on Monday. "I'm sacrificing a lot for the team and for us to win because that's what coach asks of me. I'm trying to do the best that I can."

Still, the lack of scoring and a carved-out attacking role in the offense is something Gray indicated he can live with, as long as the rest of his teammates join him in sacrificing for the greater good.

"I feel once everyone gets that same mindset we'll become a great team and a team that's hard to beat because we've all got the skill and talent," continued Gray. "It's just about coming together as a team and wanting to win."

Maybe what says it all is Gray's response when asked what his role is on this LSU team: "I’ve been asked to run my team and make plays for other guys."

That sure doesn't sound like a player for whom getting 30 points was more formality than challenge just nine months ago.

Listen in to TSD's one-on-one audio interview with Gray below. He goes into detail about how he was asked to play at Texas Tech as a freshman and last year at Odessa compared to how things are shaping up at LSU. Gray also talked about getting the Tigers back on track and if he's happy so far in Baton Rouge.

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